Black Chicago-Area Teen Shot When the Driver of Car He Was Riding in Tried to Kill a Police Officer

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

A black teenager from the Chicago near-north suburb of Waukegan was shot and killed by a police officer who was forced to fire his weapon when the driver of the car the teen was riding in backed the car toward the officer during a traffic stop.


It’s unknown at this point whether the incident was captured on a bodycam or the dashcam of the police car. Authorities say it will be several days before they can release any footage that exists.

The police commander explained how the shooting unfolded. One officer, who is white, was investigating a suspicious occupied vehicle when the car fled the area.

Fox News:

A second officer, who is Hispanic, located the vehicle in the area of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and South Avenue. Navarro said the officer exited his own vehicle, and at that point, the vehicle he was investigating began to reverse. The officer then fired into the vehicle, striking both occupants.

The reaction of Black Lives Matter was predictable.

“Why would he fire? Why would he fire?” a woman is heard shouting in the footage, standing off-camera.

Despite the interruption, Navarro continued to explain the female driver, identified by authorities as a Black woman in her 20s, was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds and is expected to recover.

“Why did they shoot them though?” says another person.

Navarro said the male passenger, a Black teenager, was taken to an area hospital, where he died.

The people attending the press conference didn’t want an explanation. They didn’t want to know what happened. They saw an opportunity to become victims and they took it.

The police commander tried to explain that the department was turning over all the evidence to the state police, who will conduct an independent investigation.


The crowd erupted once more, this time with profanity and asking again why the officers would shoot. A man with the police department steps in by the commander, telling people they need to back up. The shouting continued amongst the crowd until Navarra walked away from the microphone stand.

The local BLM chapter president asked people “not to rip up our own town.”

Clyde McLemore, the Lake County chapter president of Black Lives Matters, told the Tribune there’s a march planned Thursday, but asked demonstrators to remain peaceful, and not “rip up our own town.”

What happens now is that Black Lives Matter and other activists make up their own narrative of what happened, the facts be damned. No one knows what the bodycam and dashcam footage will reveal. But that doesn’t matter to BLM, who see another opportunity to cry “oppression” after a man tried to run over a police officer.

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