War Hero Rep. Brian Mast Shows the Meaning of Courage When Confronted by the Mob

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Rep. Brian Mast (R-Fla.) lost both of his legs a decade ago in Afghanistan. He was an explosive ordnance disposal technician, which says a lot about his personal courage. Coming back from his injuries to serve the nation says even more.


On Thursday night following Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the White House, Mast was walking home when he was confronted by dozens of angry protesters. He faced the screaming protesters and tried to answer their questions.

Needless to say, it didn’t go well for the bullies.

Florida Politics:

Video from the Daily Caller’s Phillip Nieto shows Mast walking outside late Thursday when a man begins questioning him about whether he attended the RNC.

“I sure did. It was a great time,” Mast said.

“What do you make of all these protests?” the man asks.

“Everybody has the right to protest,” Mast replied. “That’s a beautiful thing.”

The questioner was Nieto and what happened next showed his constituents why Rep. Mast should be reelected.

Daily Wire:

At this point, a white woman with blond hair wearing all black approached Mast and asked angrily: “What do you think about police killing black people in this country?”

Mast didn’t immediately respond, so she asked her question again, this time louder. This time, Mast responded by telling her: “I don’t think anybody should get killed wrongly.”

This didn’t satisfy the woman or the crowd, so she yelled her question at him again. Mast responded that people have a “right to [due] process,” and the woman demanded he “answer the question that I am asking.”


Mast answered the question calmly. And the calmer he was, the louder the protester got. But there’s a reason for that.

Another person in the crowd asked: “How do you feel about abolition?”

“No! Answer the question. How do you feel about police killing black people in this country? In this city?” the white woman demanded.

“Anybody has a right to due process,” Mast replied.

The white woman then shouted her question at Mast, emphasizing each word.

Mast responded by telling her “it is morally wrong to take anybody’s life,” as several people in the crowd shout, “black people.”

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser let loose the hounds when she originally backed Black Lives Matter tactics, going so far as to paint “Black Lives Matter” on a busy street near the White House.

But she has now condemned this tactic of confronting people in the street trying to force their compliance.

“There should be enforcement any time the law is broken, and we would encourage any diner or restaurant to call the police immediately,” the mayor added.

Bowser insisted the confrontations were the wrong way to protest and get the BLM message across.


Now she tells us.

Mast’s cool responses to the screaming protester should serve as an example for all of us.

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