Mass. Rep. Moulton, Democrat: Red States 'Getting What's Coming to Them' on Coronavirus

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A former Democratic candidate for president, Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, expressed satisfaction that people living in red states are experiencing a rise in coronavirus cases. In a conversation hosted by the 92nd Street Y, Moulton and Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath from Kentucky talked about the recent spike in positive tests and deaths that are occurring in red states.


Moulton said, “We certainly have this perception in the Northeast that all the red states are getting what was coming to them because they refused to follow these mandates and they’re playing politics with this rather than listening to the science.”

In April, Massachusets ranked 3rd in the nation with the most coronavirus cases and 5th in June. I wonder if they “deserved it” then.


Moulton tweeted Friday that he does not “believe that personally, but it is true that some people in blue states have that perception. If it gets under some people’s skin enough that they start wearing masks, it will literally save lives,” with a link to a story by the Boston Herald, which earlier reported on his comments.

Boston Herald columnist Grace Curley said that Moulton was quick to criticize red states but never said a word about China.

Liberals don’t merely disagree with Trump supporters and red states, they are actively hoping for their demise.

Moulton and his tolerant cohorts are more willing to celebrate red state comeuppance than they are to criticize China, the country that is actually to blame for the coronavirus.

Trump has made his enemies so unhinged that they will gladly side with any person, group or country over the president and his base.


That seems obvious to anyone willing to see it. Could you believe the reaction to Herman Cain’s death?

They came from contributors like CNN’s Ana Navarro.

The “Republican” strategist wrote, “Herman Caín thought Covid was a hoax, scoffed at wearing a mask. Died of Covid. Bill Montgomery, co-founder of pro-Trump, Turning Point USA, scoffed at virus. Died of Covid. Rep. Gohmert refused to wear a mask. Has Covid. See a pattern? Covid doesn’t care about partisanship.”

“I told you so” is far more nauseating when you’re shouting it at a grave.

What makes the times so extraordinary is that for the first time since just before the Civil War, Americans see their political opponents in less than human terms. When you can wish death on someone who disagrees with you politically (or culturally), civil society is ruptured. And there’s no one in a leadership position in either party who appears capable of healing it.

Joe Biden — a weak, sometimes confused candidate — will bring with him into the White House the most radical, extreme administration in U.S. history if he wins. And there’s no one in the Democratic Party who will stop it. There are no Democrats who will put a brake on the radical change that these people have been advocating for.


And Republicans will prove to be impotent in trying to stop it.

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