'Random Piles of Bricks' Magically Appearing at Protests While Agitators Hand Out Cash to Rioters

AP Photo/Steve Helber

A video from New York City shows a protester heaving a brick through a window. This is a common sight the last few nights as riots have broken out in the wake of protests over the killing of George Floyd.


Ever wonder where those bricks come from? No doubt, a nearby construction site, right? Believing anything else is nutty and a conspiracy theory.

Tell that to the Kansas City Police.

“Stashes of bricks”? What’s a stash of bricks doing in the middle of a Manhattan street with no construction project around?

Fox News:

Unconfirmed videos emerged on social media that claimed to show random stacks of bricks in the middle of some of these protest locations. Breaking911, a Twitter handle with nearly 700,000 followers, posted that “videos continue to surface showing protesters stumbling upon pallets of bricks or pavers in areas with no construction taking place.”

Videos of rioters stumbling on these piles prompted several theories online about their origin, ranging from them being planted there by police so rioters could face tougher charges to outside agitators trying to up the stir up more trouble.

ICE T, who has spoken out against police brutality and in favor of the protesters, posted a Twitter video that showed some of the bricks, and wrote,  “Looks like a set up to me…There’s ALWAYS more than meets the eye.”


Yes, there is, and it’s happening everywhere.

Here’s a white agitator handing out money. Who is he? Who’s taking the money? What’s the taker going to do next?

Not quite a smoking gun, but the weapon is clearly cocked.

I believe in coincidence. I believe that it’s a tragic coincidence that George Floyd was killed within a few days of Breonna Taylor in Louisville and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia. I don’t believe it’s “evidence” of all police wanting to murder black people, but I believe the perception of that is being spread by agitators preaching to a receptive audience.


Is it a coincidence that bricks are strategically located along the routes of these protests so that rioters can easily find them? Innocent coincidences have made a huge impact on history. But it’s impossible to say for sure if the “random bricks” are a coincidence or evidence of an organized plot.



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