The Coronavirus 'I Told You So' Lobby Gets Ready to Pounce on States Reopening

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America is about to experience a chorus of “I told you so’s” from people who have been “warning” us that we shouldn’t be reopening businesses too early because it would lead to a “second wave” of coronavirus infections. Is there anything more insufferable than someone telling you “I told you so” when something is perceived as going wrong?


This Newsweek reporter jumped the gun a little. He’s reporting on an increase in coronavirus infections in Wisconsin 48 hours after businesses reopened.

Unfortunately, Newsweek buried the lede by not mentioning that all of those infections predated the court order lifting the stay-at-home restrictions.

Wisconsin’s coronavirus figures continue to rise with more than 300 newly confirmed cases as citizens return to normality after a stay-at-home order was lifted across the state.

Its cumulative cases throughout the pandemic rose to 11,275, with 373 of those recorded on Thursday, the third-largest daily peak for the month. The freshly reported cases are of infections that predate the end of Wisconsin’s lockdown.

Connecting the lifting of the lockdown orders with new virus cases is dishonest and deceitful and is designed solely to give the reader the wrong impression about lifting the lockdown orders. Why even bother to mention that there have been no coronavirus cases that could even be detected in the last 48 hours? The reason is “I told you so” will grab more readers who agree that reopening is a mistake.


Everyone from Dr. Fauci to this brain-dead liberal writer from Newsweek has been sounding the alarm about reopening too early. We’re told it will lead to more infections and deaths. That’s almost certainly true. The question — and it has yet to be answered — is how many deaths should we accept? Speaking as someone who is at high risk of dying if I contract COVID-19, I don’t know what that number is. But I know we have to try. The potential increase in deaths may be a price worth paying if our children and grandchildren can grow up in a country with limitless possibilities for happiness and satisfaction. If you want to make the debate about lives, we should start with the future. What kind of life do you want for your kids and grandkids? There may not be much of a U.S. economy left for them to follow their dreams and fulfill their aspirations unless we do what we can to save what we have.

Democrats and the left want you to believe that it’s all about the Benjamins and corporate profits, and money, money, money. They don’t care if your kids end up working in some recycling plant — as long as they’re unionized.


The signature of American Exceptionalism has been a constant eye on the future — that our kids will have a better life than we did. Do we give that up and allow another Great Depression because of a virus? I will take precautions — wearing a mask, maintaining my distance from people, and staying at home. But I support going back to work in most places, with obvious exceptions.

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