Video: Watch Joe Biden's Latest Gaffe-Filled Softball Media Interview

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event in Columbus, Ohio, Tuesday, March 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon)

The question hit me while watching this interview of Joe Biden on MSNBC: How long can the media cover-up for the former vice president?

Check out the gaffe-tastic former veep on MSNBC Tuesday night:


New York Post:

“I suggested we should have people in China at the outset of this event, when it all started, in Luhan Province,” Biden told the network, meaning to refer to the city of Wuhan, in Hubei Province, where the virus originated.

The Democratic front-runner went on to claim that the Trump administration withdrew CDC staffers in the months leading up to the virus outbreak, likely stemming from a Reuters report from last week claiming that the administration slashed CDC staff in China.

“At the outset” of the outbreak? In “Wuhan?” The CDC staffers story didn’t appear until last week, so just who did Biden tell “We should have people in China” “at the outset”? His dog?

“We had people in our administration, we had CDC people in other countries because we wanted to anticipate when in fact another virus would occur, when in fact a pandemic might occur as a consequence of a spreading virus in another country, to act quickly. The president withdrew those people,” Biden said.

The problem, however, is that regardless of staffing cuts, the CDC began offering to send a team of experts to the Chinese province back in early January, according to the New York Times.

Then there’s this telling exchange:


When thanked by the MSNBC co-host for sitting down with her, Biden had another awkward remark, responding, “Well, thanks for giving me the time. So they won’t wonder where I am.”

Poor Joe. America is past wondering where you are.

The media know no depths of subservience and sycophancy they won’t plumb for a Dem.

Washington Examiner:

[CNN’s Brook] Baldwin’s conversation with Biden was short. She had time to ask only four questions. However, rather than make every second count and ask the presidential candidate serious and prodding questions about his campaign, the COVID-19 pandemic, and what he would do differently were he the chief executive, Baldwin squandered what little time they had to set the former vice president up with easy partisan questions to knock down like bowling pins.

It’s like they’re working from the same bad Hollywood script:

“Should all 50 states issues stay-at-home orders to stop the spread of this thing?”

She asked if the president is “intentionally” misleading the public about the COVID-19 pandemic to “paint a rosier picture.”

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi … said that she believes the president’s failure to act early on cost American lives. That is a bold accusation. Mr. Vice President, do you think President Trump is responsible for the deaths of Americans?”

And then there is the final question, which is also my personal favorite:

“Your strength, really, your strength is in traveling around the country and connecting with people, right?” Baldwin asked. “Connecting with voters, looking them in the eye, a hug, a handshake, especially in these crucial months before the election, and you can’t do any of that right now.”

“Mr. Vice President, does that worry you?” she added.


How about, “What would you do differently than the current president”? Or, if the interviewer was a real, like, you know, journalist, she might ask about the sexual assault charges against Biden.

No chance there.

It must be nice to have so many rooting for you that they’d hide your obvious and dangerous shortcomings at the expense of putting a senile old man in charge of the government.




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