Proud Boys, Antifa Will Square Off in Portland This Weekend

Antifa Counter-protesters prepare to clash with Patriot Prayer protesters during a rally in Portland, Ore., Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018. (AP Photo/John Rudoff)

If you’re going to be visiting Portland, Oregon, this weekend, the city fathers want you to know that despite Antifa and the Proud Boys confronting each other in rival demonstrations, you shouldn’t let that ruin your weekend.



Police sent out a release Tuesday morning about the demonstrations with a map of Portland, showing a variety of events happening throughout the city Saturday, saying “The area of impact is a very small portion of Portland.”

“There are many events happening in other parts of the metro area that will not be impacted,” it continued,” adding, “here are few. Enjoy!”

If that isn’t surreal enough for you, here’s a map of events planned in Portland this weekend.

The city fathers appear to be channeling Alfred E. Neuman: “What, me worry?”

No word on what to do when the tear gas gets in your eyes. You might try a wash with cool water.

But don’t let the tear gas and the smoke from burning tires ruin your stay in Portland. Unfortunately, some less intrepid groups have decided to cancel their events:

The Portland Streetcar Scavenger Hunt, which was also originally scheduled for Saturday, opted to postpone that event, said Dan Bower, executive director of Portland Streetcar, Inc.

While they were already dealing with staffing issues on that day, he said Tuesday, “Concerns about service interruptions and passenger/operator safety stemming from the planned events on Saturday made the decision more obvious.”

“We intend to run full service on Saturday at this time,” he added, “and will be making decisions about revised routing or postponing service based on conditions with passenger and staff safety being our top priority.”

So far, TriMet is planning on running service as usual, spokesperson Roberta Altstadt said Tuesday, though the agency “will have more security on Saturday than we do on a standard weekend day.”


From what we know of Antifa and these “anti-fascist” demonstrations, there is no “safe area.” These are running battles in the street with the Proud Boys going against Antifa bullies tooth and nail.

The mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, just wants everyone to love each other. To that end, there will be “a large coalition of public servants, civil rights leaders, religious leaders, labor unions, sports organizations, businesses and community leaders to come together as one to denounce violence of all forms.”

Yes, but where is Antifa? Where are the Proud Boys? Quaking in their boots at this show of force from the peace activists and the milquetoast mayor?

The reason there is going to be violence in Portland is because the idiot mayor probably doesn’t mind if a few right-wingers get their heads bashed in. And since the Proud Boys are not known to turn the other cheek, the “anti-fascists” in Antifa — and their supporters in city government — will have a ready-made narrative that blames the right.



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