If Thanksgiving Is 'Racist,' Why Give Students Several Days Off?

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Happy Thanksgiving — the most racist holiday of them all.

Don’t believe me?  Just ask these University of Oregon students interviewed by Campus Reform.


The University of Oregon marked the lead-up to Thanksgiving with an event  aimed at “decolonizing” the holiday, which the university labeled a “celebration” of “ongoing genocide.” The event, titled “Thanks But No Thanks-giving,” was supported by some students, but others weren’t fully on board with the message the event communicated.

To find out what students at the University of Oregon had to say about this topic, Campus Reform Oregon Campus Correspondent Josiah Tejada asked a number of students if Thanksgiving is “racist” or a “celebration” of genocide.

“There’s definitely a racist history to Thanksgiving and that should probably definitely be addressed more in education,” one student said. Another student told Campus Reform, “the whole concept with, like, taking land and assigning a value to it through cost is, like, it was different through European cultures.”

What should be “addressed more in education” are lessons in basic economics, and perhaps the study of many native American cultures that placed their own value on land. Just because they wouldn’t take European currency for land and had no conception of European economies doesn’t mean they all believed that the land “belonged to everybody.”

Yet another student characterized Turkey Day as “racist,” because “we’re celebrating taking away land from Natives.”

“It doesn’t have to be not celebrated, but if we can change it to instead of feeding ourselves maybe feeding the natives or donating to natives. Do we really need a giant feast?” one student opined.

“Honestly, like, I’m not super educated on the topic but I just know that it has to do with the way the settlers treated the Natives who lived here,” a respondent said.


OK, so we’ve established that Thanksgiving is “racist” to at least some extent. We know that school administrators firmly believe that.

So why acknowlege the holiday at all by giving students several days off? Isn’t that supporting “racism”? Besides, wouldn’t you like to take a peek inside the homes of the holiday’s most vociferous critics and see what they’re eating for dinner?

Every year we get the same lefty guilt trip about what Thanksgiving “really” means. And every year, everyone ignores them and goes ahead with their feast. If they really took their criticisms of the holiday to heart, they would force students to attend classes and have anything for dinner but turkey.

That’s not going to happen, so expect this hypocrisy to continue every Thanksgiving.



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