Senator Who Owns 3 Houses Rails Against Americans Who 'Worship Wealth'

YouTube Screenshot from Sanders' June 16 non-concession concession speech.

The Socialist senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, set off a Twitterstorm yesterday with a tweet that was hard to believe.


Needless to say, this towering hypocrisy did not go unnoticed in the Twitterverse:

A man who owns three houses — including the recent purchase of a vacation home for $600K — and pays a smaller percentage of his income in taxes than most middle class Americans, should not be taking a dump on America in a glass house.

There are two possibilities for Sanders’ obvious cluelessness; 1) he knew full well the kind of reaction he would get and was looking for attention; or 2) he really is oblivious to how incredibly hypocritical his words are.


I would think the latter explanation is closer to the truth. Liberals like Sanders — like most rich liberals in Hollywood and elsewhere — believe they deserve their wealth by dint of some special talent or brilliance they possess. They feel themselves above the mundane, petty concerns that most Americans have about great wealth. That their hearts are so noble, their intent so pure, and their lives so devoted to the less fortunate — all this makes these liberals better than the rest of us.

If not the rest of us, certainly better than the run-of-the-mill rich people who don’t share their compassion, their love for their brothers and sisters, their tolerance, and their out-and-out goodness.

It’s amazing this guy got as close to the nomination of a major party as he did.


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