'I Only Saw Him Shoot Directly Into the Faces of Children'

In Munich, a gunman who opened fire outside a McDonald’s restaurant deliberately targeted children for death,  according to an eyewitness. Police say at least 6 are dead in the attack, which also targeted a mall across the street from the restaurant.


The situation is still chaotic and as many as three attackers are still on the loose. But a picture is emerging that suggests the shooters were indeed Islamic terrorists.


• Lauraetta Januze told CNN her son was in a bathroom with a shooter at the McDonald’s. “That’s where he loaded his weapon,” she said. “Boom, boom, boom, I heard, and then I saw all the injured. I was back to back with him, I was in the bathroom with my kid, and I only saw him shoot directly into the faces of children.”

Januze, who is Muslim, also claimed she heard the gunman shout “Alahu Akbar” as he fired.

But other eyewitnesses claim that one of the gunmen was screaming an epithet against “foreigners.”

Munich is in lockdown tonight as at least eight people have been killed and many injured in a shooting rampage involving three gunmen. A major police operation (bottom left and right) is ongoing around the city’s Olympic Park, with police warning people to stay in their homes and avoid public spaces as they admitted they don’t know where the gunmen are. Terrified shoppers were seen running for their lives from the Munich Olympia Shopping Centre, in the district of Moosach, after hearing gunshots. Witnesses said that the gunman screamed ‘I’m German’ and ‘f*** foreigners’ before shooting. A video purporting to show the shooter, dressed in black, firing 20 shots has been posted on Twitter (center). The footage shows him outside a McDonald’s directly outside the shopping center. The area around the Munich Olympia Shopping Centre, in the district of Moosach, has been sealed off as emergency services try to control the situation. An electrical shop next to the shopping center is being used as a makeshift hospital to treat the casualties. It is reported that at least one of the gunman fled after his shooting spree on the city underground network, which has now been shut down. The country’s train operator confirmed the main station had been evacuated.



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