Dems Tweet 'Happy Flag Day': But Which Flag are they Honoring?

I guess to some Democrats, a flag is a flag no matter what country it represents.

Except that yesterday was Flag Day and you’re supposed to fly the, um, American flag — usually. For most us.


Then why did the Democratic Party send out a tweet wishing us all a “Happy Flag Day” with a picture of a cute little kid wrapped in flag of unknown origin (my guess is Puerto Rico)?

The tweet has been up nearly 24 hours so we must assume either the Democrats are too afraid to take it down or were actually trying to make some obscure point about Flag Day being about all flags, not just the American flag. Some of the tweets in response to the picture are priceless:





Perhaps you recall that pic from an Obama campaign office in Texas that showed a Cuban flag with a likeness of Che on it:


What is it about the flag that vexes Democrats so? I suppose their idea of patriotism is different than conservatives, but when you can’t be bothered to get it right — or not care if you’re wrong — on Flag Day of all days, what else are people supposed to think except many Democrats have no respect for the symbols that the rest of us honor and cherish?

This is beyond embarrassment. When the “Official Twitter Account” of the Democratic Party refuses to take down the offensive tweet and apologize for disrespecting the flag so, questions about arrogance and out of touch elitism must be asked.



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