Attack Ad Shows Rep. Allen West Punching a White Woman

I would have suspected this to be an Onion parody but they already scored with their story on the newest Obama ad: “Romney Murdered Jon Benet Ramsey.”


And calling it mudslinging does a huge disservice to mud.

The Shark Tank:

The American Sunrise PAC has launched its first attack ad against Congressman Allen West. The political action committee was founded by the father of Congressman West’s general election opponent Democrat Patrick Murphy.

Thomas Murphy Jr. is the CEO of a Miami-based Coastal Construction Group, and he has already kicked in $250,000(Source) into the PAC. But now those funds have been employed in the creation of a questionable ad that depicts West as a boxer who smacks around women and takes money away from middle class families.

The ad slyly uses a caricature of West and portrays him as a bully who hits women- more specifically, a white women- while he grabs money away from a “middle class” family that just happens to be a black family.

(H/T: The Blaze)

Is it my imagination or are ads a lot slimier than they have been in the past? When they test these ads before releasing them, they must see something in the response that encourages them to continue, otherwise they wouldn’t spend the money making them or making buys to run them.


They wouldn’t run them if they didn’t work.

Perhaps it’s because we’re now in an age where Americans are capable of believing the absolute worst of their opponent that these low blow ads resonate. He’s disloyal, he wants to enrich himself and his cronies, he’s a heartless monster, he’s a scheming Machiavelli, he wants to destroy us so that he can dominate us — we believe this crap about the other guy so why shouldn’t political ads reflect that?

“Novus ordo seculorum.”


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