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Nov 23 2020 15:00@

Newt Gingrich chimes in on mail-in ballots. That’s why the system should be tightened and made transparent.

It turns out that election officials in Democrat strongholds such as Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), Philadelphia County, and Philadelphia’s collar counties—particularly Delaware County—exceeded their authority in order to give voters preferential treatment that wasn’t afforded to voters in Republican-leaning areas of the state.

Specifically, election workers illegally “pre-canvassed” mail-in ballots to determine whether they were missing a secrecy envelope or failed to include necessary information. When ballots were found to be flawed, voters were given an opportunity to correct, or “cure,” their ballots to make sure they counted. In at least some cases, Democrat Party officials were even given lists of voters to contact about curing their ballots.

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Nov 23 2020 14:30@

Airlines push back against mandatory vaccines. IATA distances itself from Qantas vaccine flight requirement.

The CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Alexandre de Juniac was speaking in Geneva after the association’s annual general meeting which called on governments to end quarantine and border bans and replace them with testing. …

Juniac said that even if the vaccines prove viable next year, it would take the global aviation industry at least four years to recover from the swathe of travel bans and restrictions imposed around the world as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We cannot wait for the vaccine to be deployed, otherwise we’ll all be dead.

Nov 23 2020 13:30@

The Lancet. Covid-19 is not a pandemic, it’s a social problem that’s killing the poor and chronically sick. To fix it you’ve got to fix everything.

COVID-19 is not a pandemic. It is a syndemic. The syndemic nature of the threat we face means that a more nuanced approach is needed if we are to protect the health of our communities. … A syndemic is not merely a comorbidity. Syndemics are characterised by biological and social interactions between conditions and states, interactions that increase a person’s susceptibility to harm or worsen their health outcomes.

If Covid-19 is a “syndemic” it’s effectively a chronic pandemic, something the World Order can manage but never fix.  Public health regulations, regular vaccinations are a forever thing.

Nov 23 2020 12:30@

Going back in time to when CNN was denouncing voting machines. Another argument for open source election software.

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Nov 23 2020 23:30@

Personal experience that does not align with the dominant narrative is dismissed as anecdotal. Because miracles — or suspicious anomalies — are rare events it’s as if they never happen. The Covid Physician’s true coronavirus timeline.

“My experience is no one but the government and mainstream media are sharing apocalyptic Covid-19 death experiences with me”

The bureaucrats have commandeered the roving loudspeaker van but is anyone listening? The Washington post laments: Officials tell public to stay home to stop the spread of covid. But is anyone listening?


Nov 23 2020 15:00@

The anticipated new world is ‘old-new’. The old Obama era faces and grand social engineering plans with new powers. Yesterday’s future reprised.

In other news John Cleese fights against the onslaught of the Grim and Determineds.

Comedian John Cleese (“Monty Python”), an outspoken opponent of political correctness, has been accused of transphobia for expressing support for author J.K. Rowling, who opposes aspects of transgender ideology.

Over the weekend, social media users began criticizing Cleese in response to a letter he signed expressing support for J.K. Rowling. After taking enough heat, the noted comedian hit back.

Nov 23 2020 14:00@

A Columbia University faculty member has called for an end to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, calling the tree emblematic of an “absolutely toxic relationship” with nature. Christmas, like Thanksgiving, is on the endangered activities list. In other news, Britons will be allowed to observe Christmas. For now.

People in the UK could spend up to a week socialising with family and friends over Christmas, reports suggest.

Several families could be allowed to join a bubble and to mix between December 22 and 28, the Daily Telegraph has reported.

Nov 23 2020 13:00@

Airlines may require passengers to present proof of Covid-19 vaccination before letting them fly. “QANTAS CEO confirms that proof that you’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19 will be compulsory for international air travel onboard his aircraft.”

From the comments it appears that not everyone is happy. Suddenly, the rights to movement that were long assumed to be a right turn out to be less than that.

Amazing that most of the comments on here think this should be a debate limited to airlines. What about every workplace, school, pub, sporting event, parliament?

Do those who workers who refuse to get vaccinated expect to be paid sick leave when they need 2 weeks off for Covid?

Yeah and what if there’s a Covid-20? It’s a “papers please” world … except for voters.  The lesson authority took away from the years of rebellion and pandemic is that they need more controls.

BooksThe Price of Panic: How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe by Jay Richards. The human cost of the emergency response to COVID-19 has far outweighed the benefits. That’s the sobering verdict of a trio of scholars—a biologist, a statistician, and a philosopher.

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