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A Lethal Mutation

Innovation is one of the most destabilizing forces in the world today. Cheap Chinese inflatable boats have made mass African migration across the Med to Europe possible. "The European Union has imposed limits on the export of inflatable boats to Libya in a bid to make it harder for smugglers to send refugees and migrants to Europe ... a move which would, in theory, affect China where many are manufactured." Brussels has declared war on Chinese PVC rafts, but it's not clear they will win. A "China Factory Price Rubber Boat, Small Fishing Boat,Inflatable PVC Boat" sells on Alibaba for as little as $300. They are now so cheap even Africans can afford them -- which has unintended consequences.

The telecommunications revolution had the same effect.  The breakthroughs which spawned text messaging, email, Skype and social media also made "Lone Wolf" terrorism possible.  The Internet, like the Chinese rubber boat, made the remote recruitment strategy of ISIS economic.  It would have been impractical in the late 80s when long distance calls averaged 30 cents a minute.

Less obvious but equally consequential is the proliferation of surveillance technology.  Samantha Power and Ben Rhodes are reportedly coming under scrutiny for spying on political opponents using the national security machinery.  Suddenly Loretta Lynch's airport chat with Bill Clinton isn't so secret any more.  The leak network which allowed officials of one administration to expose their rivals now allows those same rivals to repay them in their own coin.

The warning "be careful what you wish for" should have been uppermost in the minds of the globalists.  Their proud creation, like Frankenstein's monster, is turning out to be more unpredictable than they thought. Open borders let in not only cheap labor but ISIS terror teams; they allow entry to those even illegal aliens wanted excluded.  Even MS-13 certainly hopes the Border Patrol can keep their arch-enemy, La Sombra Negra, out of the "safe" USA. La Sombra Negra is so terrifying they are even part of the Walking Dead universe.

MS-13 doesn't fear prison, President Trump or even death. But there is one thing that scares the hell out of tattooed members of the murderous Central American gang: La Sombra Negra.

Spanish for "The Black Shadow," La Sombra Negra is a mysterious paramilitary organization that is part death squad, part vigilante group, and dedicated to responding in extreme kind to MS-13's ruthlessness. MS-13 members captured by La Somba Negra purportedly have been sexually tortured and dismembered before being dispatched with a bullet, their bodies left to be discovered by family or fellow gang members.

Why should Central American killers be unthinkable when Putin's death squads are already part of the Washington DC scene? CNN's Fareed Zakaria recently succumbed to a moment of self-doubt about the perfectibility of the global world. "The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us," Zakaria said on CNN. "You know, educated professionals who live in cities, who have, you know, cosmopolitan views about a lot of things. And I think there's a whole part of America that is sick and tired of being told what to do by this, you know, over-educated professional elite that Hillary Clinton in many ways perfectly represented."