Definitely Stupid

Two interesting items in the last few hours explain take the debate over whether president Obama's failures are due to malice or incompetence in opposite directions.  Megyn Kelly's recent Tweet which says, "in  the middle of #Orlando investigation, the Obama admin quietly announced it’s increasing the number of refugees coming to US" would appear to settle the issue decisively in favor of malice.

But the second item, an article in the Washington Post by Rick Noack, turns it entirely around.  Noack explains that the reason terror suspects involved in recent attacks have not been monitored is because there are simply not enough security personnel to do it. "It's impossible to monitor all terror suspects," he writes. "These charts show why."  The charts proceed to show that Western police forces no longer have the manpower to track more than a small fraction of the suspected bad guys.

To cover the 3,000 terror suspects in the UK would take 40% of the entire police force, so the British cops track no more than 50. "If France wanted to observe all 11,000 terror suspects in the country, it would need its entire police force of 220,000 officers — or more." That is obviously out of the question, especially since ISIS has now taken to whittling down the number of French police by killing them.  It would take 5/8 -- about 63% of the US police force -- to watch the 25,000 individuals on the watch list.

The developments that Megyn Kelly describes doesn't make the security situation hopeless.  It has been hopeless for some time.  Yet the tragedy was entirely self-inflicted.  A national security team of ex-novelists and campaign drivers sort of fell into it.  The same crew that gave you the Arab Spring, the Reset and Benghazi now give you ... politicians in blind pursuit of virtue signalling who simply ran over the cliff.