No Country For Young Men

The author of the Twilight of Abundance, David Archibald, sent an email a few days ago, saying "there is a whole new world coming." Archibald, who's an Australian, warns in his book that the world is running out of food, energy and security. Where he differs from Malthus, however, is in arguing that the shortages are the consequence of policy, rather than the inherent limitations of the universe. The world is doing everything it can to run in the opposite direction of abundance because we think we have too much. The West dreads warmer weather, even though warmer weather might allow more crops to grow; it discourages energy production. And its leaders are working feverishly to throw away the residual security of the post Cold War world.

A friend said to me in response that the young have made their choice. "The world always changes because the young have new ideas. The younger generation is in power now. They make the decisions and the cultural choices." Reflecting for a moment, I retorted, "but where are the young? They are not in the West. The youth in statistical terms is in the Third World. We don't even know what they think. What we take as 'youth culture' and the voice of to-morrow are the attitudes of a shrinking cohort cohabiting with the geriatric majority. In that case, it's the Western old choosing for the global young."

My friend answered, "you know, you are right. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation did a survey of its audience and found the majority of those who watch its programs are old.  For a long time they made the mistake of pitching to the young, only to learn that it's really the old codgers who watch TV."

The Western Left's biggest lie is that it represents a movement of the young, but it really represents the very old. Their very concerns are geriatric: Marxism, trash recycling, health and safety, public transportation and gossip.

The big giveaway is we as a civilization don't want to go to the planets any more, because the old don't want to go anywhere. Imagine clambering into spaceships! The very idea gives us the shivers. Only the young and immortal travel to places where they may never be able to get Ibuprofen.

The only place the Western young are found in abundance is movies where they are paid to play the average man. The movies are the fake mirror of the elderly West. In that mirror we remain young though in reality -- like the Belgian Army -- we are really more worried about lumbago than fighting off the depredations of Loki.