The Boston Marathon Bomb

Multiple explosive devices were used at the bombing of the Boston Marathon finish line. Two bombs went off in succession as shown in the video below.

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Two more devices were said to have been found, one underneath a grandstand. AP reports that they were “homemade devices”. Other sources are reporting only a total of 3 bombs found. But citing police scanner reports a news source says other devices may have been involved, one at the JFK Library and another at a hotel. The Library incident is now said to be fire-related.

In another flash “WH: around 3pm EDT, the President received a briefing from Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco and other senior WH staff in Oval Office”. Other sources reported a temporary no-fly zone declared over the city.

The characteristics of the bomb can be plainly seen from the video above. It would appear from the location of the blast that most of the casualties will not be the runners themselves but among onlookers nearest the shops where explosions appeared to have been centered.

Like tens of thousands of others I have personal memories of the Marathon and ran it in 1983. Although the professional runners are the media stars the Marathon has much of the quality of a community festival and there are many working class and lower-tier professionals and students who run it simply to say ‘I once ran 42K’.


There are as yet no definite suspects. But the Boston Marathon is of significance or of possible symbolism only to a fairly narrow group of people. It is not some kind of “international symbol of America”, nor to anyone in the actual know representative of class warfare or privilege in any way. The motives of striking at the event are interesting to consider. Things might become clearer once the panic and excitement die down and a clearer pattern of events can be determined.

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