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The View From Benghazi

commenter wrote: One of many things I do not like is the fact that after 2-d debate Romney received intelligence briefings and stopped talking about Benghazi. May be it is just coincidence and he stopped due to other reasons, but I am suspicious..

Just to get a visual of things those with Google earth should input 32° 3’39.89″N, 20° 4’52.03″E to pull up the consulate. The possible location of the CIA safehouse is at 32° 3’25.69″N, 20° 5’16.75″E.  You will notice these places are a distance from the stews of Benghazi. Not places that a crowd would walk to.

The whole story about a video and irate mob was cover from the start. Whatever happened occurred over the best part of half a day. Claudia Rosett has a good timeline of events and Fox claims that the attack — or the buildup toward it — was detected far earlier than the 21:40 local.  The Americans were yelling for help even before the attack began in earnest. And back in Washington there was disbelief and consternation. The deer were in the headlights.

And surely the deer paid attention as the Mack truck hurtled toward them. This was a major event that almost certainly consumed the attention of the national command authorities as it was happening. They misunderstood it; they mishandled it — but before long they knew they were screwed; and knew too that the “video” had nothing to do with nothing. Why did they lie?

The most important thing to bear in mind is that Benghazi is probably part of something larger. What happened wasn’t an isolated event, but part of a larger drama that is being played out for the control Syria and possibly the Middle East. The track is there if you look for it.

The Christian Science Monitor writes, “Next week, Clinton heads to Qatar for a discussion on how regional powers will work to reshape the “leadership structure” (in her words) of the [Syrian] uprising. She’ll be bearing a list of names of Syrians the US wants promoted to the senior ranks.”

The choice of Qatar is an interesting one, given that monarchy’s steadfast support for Islamist militias first in Libya and now in Syria. These are not the type of groups the US wants to see strengthened in either place. Qatar, by its actions, clearly disagrees, and has been far more aggressive and responsive in funneling support to them. Qatar does not share the US alarm at the jihadi factions fighting against Assad.

And she’s counting on strongarming her allies to revamp the leadership.  Like she agrees with Romney that a tighter rein is indicated. Just in time too. The same CSM article features video coming out of Syria showing the “rebels” executing former Assad fighters. Next thing you know they’ll be attacking US missions in Syria.

The jumpy footage shows the following: Men in rags, many stripped of their shoes. Some appear dazed from the wounds of a battle they’d just lost. Others appear to be hyperventilating out their last prayers and thoughts. One pleads for his life. A rebel walks among the prisoners, getting in a few last kicks to the head of one of them.

Then, the cries of “God is great” from the triumphant murderers are drowned out by a buzzsaw of automatic rifle fire.

Good luck to Hillary. Maybe the Qataris will use the opportunity to put their own men in charge of Syria but tell Hillary that they are pro-American liberals who would just love to tolerate lesbians, gays and transgenders. Who knows? She  just might buy it.

So why did Romney suddenly go quiet on Benghazi after he got his intel briefings? Maybe because he now knows the game is still on. That what happened in Benghazi is only part of an continuing sequence of events that Hillary is carrying forward into Qatar, the same place that was in the past so instrumental in Libya, and in negotiations with the Taliban …

It’s an ongoing op. Which means if you think about it, that the other side’s op is also ongoing.

The priority after the Benghazi attacks for the administration does not appear to be to bring people “to justice”. The FBI came to Benghazi and went almost like they wanted to get out of there. To this day despite all the talk about striking back the big news is that is hasn’t happened, eight weeks after the event. No, the priority of the administration is to keep whatever game that Benghazi was part of going.

And it may even be that some of the perps in the consulate attack are too vital to sacrifice even now.

Romney may now know what It is. But we, alas, can only guess. Romney’s veiled warning during the debate against ‘leading from behind’ suggests he’s not completely on board with whatever genius plan Hillary has in mind. But he’s not going to spread classified information around in any case. He’s obliged to shut up and let Obama act out his term. Briefing him on classified became, as it so often is, just another way of silencing the opposition.

But since I’ve already made an election prediction, and my reputation can fall no further, here’s my wild tin-foil hat guess. Hillary realized after Benghazi that Russia and Iran in alliance with some al-Qaeda elements had stolen a march on her. That they, not her, controlled the Arab Spring.That’s the message that Chris Stevens is sending from beyond the grave.

She realizes that unless she can turn it around then her legacy will be as the biggest chump in recent history. The woman who delivered over the Middle East to the enemy, all wrapped up in a bow. Now she’s trying to struggle out of the swamp. And Romney is obliged to let her try.

This is pure guesswork mind you. Don’t rely on it as anything coming near to fact. But I think there may be some hits scored if only by luck.

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