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Drudge is running a countdown to a video that will show ‘another’ Barack Obama. Probably a black radical Barack Obama. The contents of the video are as yet unknown, apart from hints, but Mark Halperin of Time is already calling it a ‘freakshow’. Here are some of his Tweets.

EP:”What does Drudge have?” Reporter:”No idea.” EP:”Make some calls.Twitter says it is BIG.” Reporter: “I’ve asked around.” Etc #freakshow

“@THEREAL_Evan: @MarkHalperin Is there a point at which those who criticize the #freakshow become complicit in its existence/continuance?”no

Look away. #freakshow

Somewhere Phil Singer and Mark Penn are fascinated and repulsed.

The video may take on racial overtones both as a result of its probable content and the commentary that is sure to swirl around it. Those who have criticized Mitt Romney for being “too nice a guy” to win may be about to witness what happens when someone decides to go after the Democrats in their sanctuary.

If the video is sufficiently inflammatory, no matter if the provocation comes from an historical Obama, Romney will almost certainly be called on to distance himself from the video or denounce it.

The demands write themselves. “I call upon Governor Romney to make it clear that the politics of destruction has no place in American politics.” If he hesitates even slightly the headlines will soon proclaim ‘Romney campaign in trouble for refusing to denounce hate video’.

There are better than even odds that Romney will do exactly that: denounce the video that though unseen by Mark Halperin he has already judged to be a ‘freakshow’. Republicans are good at apologizing for hearing things said by someone else. They are used to crawling on their bellies over broken glass.

In any situation where one must give way, the GOP gives way. This was the unwritten agreement. The danger is to believe that this agreement is stable; that it will be thus forever.

What the liberals are really doing is daring Romney to cross the Rubicon; to go where they have gone; to act as they have acted; to adopt the same code of conduct they have themselves long adopted; to behave with the same disregard for public comity that they have exhibited.

One day it won’t work. It won’t work because the press and Barack himself destabilized the old order when they decided to award themselves a permanent majority and turn the Fourth Estate into a branch of the Presidential campaign. And when something is destabilized the old rules stop applying.

Unless they abate their taunts; unless they realize that their politically correct sanctuary is only protected by custom, then one day the fatal stream will be traversed with incalculable results. Probably not by Romney– at least not intentionally — but one day by the accident of unforeseen events. The hidden cost of using marked cards for too long in a game is that sooner or later everyone notices.

If Halperin wants to know where the freakshow is located he can look in the mirror. But it’s not too late to start playing fair, civility is still attainable, but the minutes are ticking by. This time 2,000 years ago the ghosts made their appearance on the bank of the real Rubicon.

Now on the marge of Rubicon, he saw, In face most sorrowful and ghostly guise, His trembling country’s image; huge it seemed Through mists of night obscure; and hoary hair Streamed from the lofty front with turrets crowned: Torn were her locks and naked were her arms. Then thus, with broken sighs the Vision spake: “What seek ye, men of Rome? and whither hence Bear ye my standards? If by right ye come, My citizens, stay here; these are the bounds; No further dare.” But Caesar’s hair was stiff With horror as he gazed, and ghastly dread Restrained his footsteps on the further bank….

“Here,” spake he, “peace, here broken laws be left; Farewell to treaties. Fortune, lead me on; War is our judge, and in the fates our trust.”

That were a fatal stream to cross. Perhaps the rising acrimony may be enough, as a near-death experience is sometimes enough, to avert the political system from its headlong stampede to to the cliff. But it takes two to keep the Red Lines from being transgressed. It takes two to effect restraint. I would bet on Romney to swerve. In Obama’s case, there is not a chance.

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