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A question on the Internet: “Could you post a link substantiating your headline that the ‘KKK endorse(s) Romney‘, thanks. ~Ed”.

Answer: “Obviously he wouldn’t make that public, but we have clues this is highly likely if not definite. His admiration for Cleon Skousen and his support by the John Birch society, combined with the use of “keep America American” motif shows how he’s a favorite of these folks.”


So is Romney endorsed by the KKK? So someone says, but “obviously he wouldn’t make that public.” Candidates can’t really be responsible for who endorses them. But fortunately,  som of them have made it public. The Communist Party of the USA has endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2012 as shown here and here. He also has the nod of Hugo Chavez, as noted by the Chicago Tribune and numerous other media outlets. “”I hope this doesn’t harm Obama,” Chavez said, “but if I was from the United States, I’d vote for Obama”.

Fidel Castro hasn’t endorsed Obama, but his niece Mariel has. “Mariela Castro, niece of Fidel Castro and daughter of President Raúl Castro, told CNN she wants President Obama to be reelected in an interview set to air Monday. ‘As a citizen of the world, I would like him to win,” Castro told Christiane Amanpour. “Seeing the candidates, I prefer Obama.'” She had something further to say to Obama on matters of espionage.

Castro also said the United States should release five Cuban intelligence operatives in exchange for Alan Gross, a USAID contractor serving a 15-year sentence for allegedly bringing satellite phones and computer equipment to members of Cuba’s Jewish community without a permit. The so-called Cuban Five were arrested in 1998 and accused of espionage and other crimes; the Cuban government says they were sent to spy on Cuban exiles in the United States, some of whom have been tied to acts of terrorism against Cuba including the 1976 bombing of an airliner that killed all 78 people aboard.


The Moscow Times describes why Putin wants Obama to win. The main reasons given are cooperation on missile defense and a Obama’s willingness to forgive Russia for its invasion of Georgia.

Obama’s decision to improve relations with the country and establish strong ties with Medvedev despite Russia’s war with Georgia in August 2008 was essential. The diplomacy of pressing the “reset” button with Russia proved important for alleviating the Kremlin’s fear of NATO expansion and the region’s destabilization in response to Washington’s strategy of regime change in several countries.

Since 2009, the two sides have cooperated by signing and then ratifying the new START treaty, imposing tougher sanctions on Iran and working to stabilize Afghanistan. Not only did the Kremlin provide overflights and overland transportation, but it also recently approved NATO’s use of the Ulyanovsk airport as a transit point for soldiers and cargo to and from Afghanistan.

But Obama doesn’t have a corner on the dictator endorsement market. For example, Robert Mugabe has not endorsed Obama. Mugabe hates the President for the most peculiar of reasons: Obama’s support of gays. The Zimbabwe Mail reports:

HARARE – United States President Barack Obama has come under heavy criticism from President Mugabe’s party Zanu-PF over his open support to legalise same sex-marriages …

President Robert Mugabe last year told British Prime Minister David Cameron “to hell with you” over his calls to respect gay rights.

“Nature is nature. It has created male and female,” Mugabe told thousands of supporters at his 88th birthday celebration at a stadium in the eastern border town of Mutare.


Other members of Mugabe’s party took turns calling Obama names.  Legislator Kudakwashe Basikiti said Obama is a messenger of the devil. “The sentiments by Obama are the worst form of Satanism. Zimbabweans should be wary of such stances. It’s shocking because even the Bible discourages homosexuality,” he said.

The Bible! There’s the influence of Romney again. Things are getting more and more suspicious.

A comprehensive list of all those who’ve endorsed Barack Obama is available on Wikipedia, although it has managed to omit some of the entries noted above.  There may be some odd characters among them, but by and large they are upstanding and mainstream figures whose endorsements indicate the main thrust of his support.  Most important of all the list of Obama endorsers contains lots and lots of celebrities, among them, the Dos Equis Man. And if Obama’s got The Most Interesting Man in the World in his corner — apart from the Castro and Chavez, then Mitt had better find something to top that. Who knows but that he might.

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