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Event Horizon

The contrast could not be greater. On the one hand the spin.

‘Polls show that President Obama is pulling away in every state’. Newspapers claim that the administration’s Asian diplomacy has been a great success. Overall, the administration spokesmen say, America’s image has been much improved in the Arab world. There is no greater friend of Israel, the pundits confidently assure the public, than President Obama. What’s that you say about the pinch? Nonsense,  America’s economy is in a much better position today than four years ago. Etc, etc.

On the other hand, there is the horrible truth.

A full blown crisis between Japan and China has broken out. Japanese factories are under attack, its citizens under assault all over China. Hundreds if not thousands of boats were dispatched by Beijing for islands disputed by the Asian giants. US Embassies are ablaze through the breadth of the Middle East. Now Indonesia — where the President grew up and learned that Islam is tolerant — is restive. Meanwhile Israel’s Netanyahu has characterized US policy toward Iran as ‘setting a new standard for human stupidity’ as Teheran moves closer to the a-bomb. “Insider killings” by Afghan security forces of US troops continue to increase in Afghanistan. Etc, etc.

Not to mention the economy. That’s a whole other can of worms. The administration sneeringly pretends it is in control of everything, magisterially above the fray. But beyond the circle of smoke and mirrors, nobody is fooled.

Whatever the hacks say, there are precious few who respect the administration and in particular President Obama any more. Not the Muslim world, not the allies — Japan, Australia and Israel — not even the Chicago unions.  The decline in his authority and prestige — and America’s — is palpable and catastrophic. Those who don’t hate him revile him. His name now excites ridicule or mirth, but not respect.

Of course the lapdog media will deny this but they don’t matter any more. A little more free-fall and nothing the President or his tame claques say will count in the slightest.

There’s no more point in asking the establishment to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s too late.

The media’s press releases now sound very much like those of Tokyo Rose in the final days of the Pacific War. With the Imperial Navy virtually annihilated they still portrayed it as invincible. The more defeated it was in reality, the more invincible it became in fiction. “Hello boneheads, this is your favorite playmate and enemy … How are all you orphans in the Pacific? Are you enjoying yourselves while your wives and sweethearts are running around with 4F’s in the States? How do you feel now when all your ships have been sunk by the Japanese Navy? How will you get home?”

What propaganda on this scale and level of delusion indicates is not only that the broadcasts admit the reverse of what they claim but something far grimmer: there’s no more hope. The propaganda is the shriek of madness, a civilizational equivalent of the Dean Scream.

Inflation adjusted ad revenues

The clowns are now the masters. Here’s Karen Lewis, head of the Chicago Teacher’s Union explaining why your money belongs to her so she can educate your children.

Educate them in what?

And evil men now call the shots. And nobody is even allowed to call them evil men. The correct term is the righteously indignant believers in a religion of peace, who were until they watched YouTube, were strong supporters of the administration. Bullshit.

And they’re coming not just just for the poor girl in Pakistan, they’re coming for those who once thought they were beyond that danger. No sirree. And increasingly less so with each passing day. From now on the elites will be begin to feel Fear. Not the fear of Romney, who at last report was preparing a series of speeches on how he would fix the economy if he was elected President.

The dread will be of something worse: of actual bankruptcy and poverty from the collapse of financial institutions; of physical danger from forces they once thought they could toy with and which are now toying with them;  of the total loss of prestige that comes with being a nothing. In other words they fear all the things which the America they so hated once protected them from. How do you like it?

They know, even as Tokyo knew that it’s just a matter of time now.

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