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What Are We In Power For?

The Washington Times notes that a Presidential speechwriter is shown in a Facebook photo groping a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton as while his associate plies it with beer. Author Donald Lambro says, ‘imagine if Republicans had done this?’.


Fraternities have been closed for less …

If the photo had exposed a Republican offender, there’d already be a full-bore media scandal and cascading resignations. MSNBC would be rearranging its schedules for a wall-to-wall 24/7 bonanza. Rachel Maddow would finally have her big story. Barbara Boxer, Patricia Schroeder and other righteous feminists would walk up the Capitol steps, reprising the time they tried to destroy Clarence Thomas – for nothing.

Unfortunately Lambro, in his decency, misses the point.  The point is to be able to get away with things Republicans could never even dream of. In the immortal phrase of politics, “what are we in power for?”

The Three Stooges

What would be the point of being on the ins with the Democratic party, in being employed as a staff member, hanger on, toady or hack of the administration were it not for the immunity from any form of consequence? If you want consequences you might as well be a Republican. And frankly, who wants that?

In the immortal words of Bill Maher, he can call Sarah Palin a “bad name” but Limbaugh can’t because “Rush, I don’t have sponsors. I’m on HBO.”  It’s not a bug. It’s a feature.

Consequences are things other people have to pay for. This is known as the Sandra Fluke principle, also known by the collective of name of progressive “gains”. And it is in the hope of joining this select club that millions of desperate and confused people are hornswoggled into voting for candidates who promise them everything.  The sun, the moon, the oceans that fall. Or maybe just the gas, the rent, or their student loan.


The problem is that it’s a trick. In a system where value depends on being close to the throne, life is a zero-sum game. All nonproductive, redistributive systems are just exercises in dividing up the pie. When you get to your share of the “gains” there’s never as much as you were told. People learn that sooner or later, usually later. When it’s too late to do anything about it. The two winners in the photo are on their way to getting what they want. The only certainty is they will get what they deserve.

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