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C what U Done?

The reason it’s ok for Bill Maher to call Sarah Palin the “c” word is because he’s “fearless” in speaking the “truth.” As the Dallas Voice put it, “Last night, at the Winspear Opera House, Maher spoke the truth for a nearly two-hour set, and, in my mind, established himself as the pre-eminent political commentator of a generation. ”


It’s that fearlessness — he acknowledged that some people would probably be uncomfortable with some of his remarks about religion, not to mention calling Sarah Palin a “cunt” (“there’s just no other word for her”) — that makes Maher the most dangerous person in comedy. He’s painfully well-informed, which means he takes no bullshit from anyone.

And as for calling members of the Tea Party “teabaggers” on national TV, not only is that hilarious, it’s a legitimate comedic attitude called “edginess” which most of the readers of this site are too dumb and unsophisticated to appreciate.

Bill Maher is funny, witty, full of edgy political/religious commentary, and reflects social inequalities in a way that you wait till you are not around anyone before breaking down. The show was so good that I felt obligated to debrief about everything that was said. I missed things because I was laughing so hard. Favorite moment: “I will stop calling them TEA BAGGERS when they stop calling it Obamacare.”

Ha ha ha ha. Well, Bill Maher put a million dollars into President Obama’s super-PAC and Sarah Palin asks: “are you going to return it?


Pres. Obama says he called Sandra Fluke because of his daughters. For the sake of everyone’s daughter, why doesn’t his super PAC return the $1 million he got from a rabid misogynist?

Why aren’t all of the champions of chivalry who rushed to Fluke’s defense asking that the president do the same? But hell no, says Maher. Maher says the reason he can call Sarah Palin a “bad name” but Limbaugh can’t is because “Rush, I don’t have sponsors. I’m on HBO.”

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Translation: I can s**t in your face because I have the power to do it. The pow-ah, the pow-ah to do it. Maher is on TV and can call anybody anything he wants and nobody is going to call him on it. Evah. Did you get that, Rush? Never mind, Rush. You will.

Whether or not Rush evah figures it out, a lot of people will get the point just fine. This is not about edginess, funniness. It’s not even about Fluke or Palin or contraception. This is about pow-ah. Maher is simply a leftist court jester flaunting his cruelty, drunk with immunity.

He is also a symbol of the asymmetry of the political battlefield.  Leftists can do things By Any Means Necessary. Conservatives must be held to a standard that Leftists espouse only for the express purpose of holding their opponents to it.


George Orwell once described totalitarianism as “a boot in your face forever.” But an equally good definition would be Bill Maher’s sneering face on every video billboard, poster, TV show and full page ad — forever. Ha ha ha ha.

Some of Bill Maher’s friends are quite looking forward to that day, which they imagine is closer than you think.

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