The Ten Thousand

Marc Danziger at Winds of Change says he's going to take a vacation from blogging.

So here's my plan. I won't be writing here for a while, if ever. I will move this site to WordPress, so that the archive can be preserved and maintained and others who have author raights may decide to pick up their participation. I will also relaunch the old content from my Armed Liberal site so it's available as well.

And then I'm going to take a break from all this and think about what interests me and where I might fit. I'd love to hear from you what you think I ought to do - suggestions here are most welcome!

It's the ten thousand rule.

Once, at the first and only time I ever sat on a panel in New York City, I described the pressure that comes with having a modest readership. "When you've got ten visitors a day you can say what you like. When you have ten thousand, you become very careful." The other rule, which Marc has probably discovered, is that at ten visitors a day you don't give a hoot whether you write that day or not. When the site gets to a certain level of traffic, that luxury disappears. You have to show up every day because you know ten thousand readers will. The only thing worse than having your own business is having a moderately successful blog.

Marc probably owes it to himself to take a break. But in what does a break consist? I asked one writer what he would do on vacation. After some thought the reply came back, "work on my book." Hmm. I have this theory that a vacation has less to do with what a person does on a holiday than with the circumstance that he doesn't have to do any of it. There may be some people whose idea of fun is to get into one of these tightly structured tours where you follow around a guide who holds up a sign. But a holiday planned with the precision of a commando attack may not be everybody's idea of a good time.