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Something for nothing

The BBC reports that nobody is intentionally trying to kill Mohammar Khadaffi by accident.

Loud blasts have been heard in the Libyan capital Tripoli, witnesses say, as allied forces resume operations to enforce a no-fly zone. A plume of smoke was seen rising from the area near the compound of Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi. US military spokesman said the coalition were not targeting Col Gaddafi or his residence.

In today’s atmosphere of political correctness, wars (if that term can still be applied) have to be fought without collateral damage and nobody targets enemy leaders even if they are enemy, which they’re not since nobody has declared war and the UN has only authorized a no-fly-zone and if it doesn’t look that way that’s only because your mind is experiencing a market failure and you’re not used to the pure unadulterated truth.

Today, whatever befall, nobody should be offended by whatever actions are taken. Because if you give offense there may be payback. The Christian Science Monitor reports that, after cajoling America into supporting the no-fly-zone the Arab League is now afraid they’ve made the Duck of Death angry.

The European- and US-led military action against Libya in the past two days pivoted on the Arab League’s crucial support of a no-fly zone that would protect civilians there.

Without the Arab League’s endorsement, the United Nations Security Council likely would not have passed Resolution 1973 on Thursday, which approved “all necessary measures” to protect the Libyan people.

But Arab League leader Amr Moussa is now distancing his organization from the resulting military action in what may be a sign he is feeling pressure in the region from member states fearful of Libyan leader Muammar Qadaffi’s reach.

Question: how come nobody is ever worried that America will be angry with them?  Why are the Arabs so nervous about the Revenge of the Duck? Maybe that’s because the Arab League has figured out that the “European-led” no-fly-zone isn’t really going to finish Khadaffi.

Tut, tut. They should have read the fine print in the UN resolution. Come to think of it, America should have read the fine print in the UN resolution. This wasn’t Washington’s show. It was going to be “European-led”. All America would would do is smash the air defense doors and make it safe to fly around then Europe would do the heavy lifting. Only Europe had the wrong idea. They probably figured that once they got America to start off, Washington would have no choice but to finish the job and they could sit back and watch the proceedings in the same old way. Then they could send a “thanks for nothing note”. The Arab League thought that they could sucker America into doing something they could blame it for. Too bad nothing worked out, except for the Arab League.

Diplomats are now unhappy that the Arab League is reneging on its support. Remember what Arnold once said in a movie? “I lied”. Russia has now called for a halt to the Libyan attack. After two whole days! It’s surprising it took them that long. They watch Arnold movies too. And as for the Libyans — remember them, whoever they are — they thought they were going to be saved. “I lied”.

They shouldn’t feel too bad. Everybody’s been took lately. People were going to get “free housing”, “free health care” and “free pensions”. All courtesy of the taxpayer. Yes the same guys who paid for the Tomahawk missiles and the B-2s. But who takes care of the taxpayers? That’s easy. Treasury just prints money and we all something for nothing and chicks for free. That’s the way you do it.

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