The armies of the night

How hope and change will come to you. After the Read More.

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Glenn Reynolds remembers how Chas Freeman was yet another Obama appointee who had connections to stuff that nobody noticed. He quotes Mark Hemingway as saying that the “NYT didn’t write a single word about the controversy until after the fact.”  Some commentators have expressed surprise at all the attention being given to Van Jones, who they describe as a low-level appointee. But the Politico notes that “Jones has deep ties to the current liberal elite: He was a top aide to Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington’s 2003 campaign for governor of California, and Sunday won praise from, among others, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean.” Glenn says, “it makes sense they’d keep mum. Some news isn’t fit to print.” It does make sense, but only from a cynical and partisan point of view.


Howard Dean makes it plain that all who stand in the way of progress will either come quietly or wish they had.

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And it just might work because while we’re reading the comments on this blog, each one of Dr. Dean’s troops is emailing 170,000 of his friends.

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