Stranglers in paradise

Get away from it all. Vacation abroad. But maybe that’s not far enough. Wired reports a series of coordinated terror attacks on “luxury hotels, train stations, and tourist attractions in India’s financial capital”, Mubai.


“A little-known group, the Deccan Mujahideen, has claimed responsibility,” the AP reports. The strikes “come after a series of blasts attributed to Islamist terrorists over the summer and autumn in other cities around India,” the Wall Street Journal notes.  …

“Bellboys could be seen rushing the injured out on luggage trolleys,” according to DNA Mumbai. The victims “included three senior police officers, including the head of [the state’s] anti-terror squad,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

More bloodshed could come from the Taj attack. The gun-toting terrorists who hit the landmark hotel also took 15 people, half of them foreigners, hostage on the roof of the luxury Taj Hotel, an escaped hostage tells the Times of India. The attackers, men in their early 20’s, honed in on “anyone with British or American passports,” an eyewitness said.

Survivors of the attack on the Oberoi hotel told a similar story. A British restaurant-goer tells Sky News television that “the attackers were singling out Britons and Americans.”


My guess is that the “the Deccan Mujahideen” is one of those Saturday-night special terrorist groups, good for one or two operations only before it too fades into the mists of deniability. Now maybe if Israel just withdrew from Gaza, the West Bank or simply vanished from the face of the earth, none of this would happen. Or maybe if the West apologized for something, anything, name it … then none of this would happen. Try anything, because the alternative is to resist. And that will never do.

Indian bloggers have been posting video on YouTube. This video for example describes how “gunmen” were laying seige to a wide variety of transportation centers and five star hotels. Gunmen.

[youtube qUbUUegi_7I]

And a Google Map of the the places attacked.
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