Belmont Club

All Saint's Day

I’ve been spending a lot of time in hospitals and churches lately but found time do 30K on the bike, and the next day through the kindness of a couple of friends, the opportunity to do a tour of a landward stretch of Sydney Harbor which included a personalized tour of their old neighborhood haunts. Landscape is nothing without memory. As we went up and down the precipitous streets many of which found unlikely ways to find the water’s edge there was a running commentary by my hosts on who lived in such and such a place and what became of this or that person.  And it became plain to me what a glorious opportunity each of us is given to contribute to the world, and how sad it would be to think the chance too mean.

So it’s been a good and tiring weekend and since the news has been kinda heavy of late I thought some readers would like to know what became of the Seekers. They had a career after fame. Here’s one hit from a reunion concert in 1993, which features the original and inimitable lead singer, Judith Durham.