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David Dilegge has misgivings about journalists who build their careers by embdding with the enemy. “Just call me old fashioned – I have serious misgivings respecting and tolerating journalists who embed with an enemy (the Taliban in this instance) responsible for what some call the strictest interpretation and implementation of Sharia law “ever seen in the Muslim World. … But this is not about me and my particular passion for defeating a brutal enemy, it’s about Nir Rosen and his latest Rolling Stone piece entitled How We Lost the War We Won: A Journey Into Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan. Opinions via e-mail and several blogs and their comment sections are generally favorable to Rosen’s latest dance with the devil.”


Consider whether a journalist from al-Qaeda can embed with the US military; write about them favorably, and then return to be a celebrity in the Northwest Frontier. He would be more than likely beheaded. You might call that unfair,bBut one shouldn’t blame the Taliban for that. After all they know they are at war with the West, but you can’t say the West thinks it is at war with Islamic terrorism.  People in the West just want to be kept safe. What’s war got to do with it?

Glenn Reynolds notes that a lawsuit against God has been dismissed owing to the difficulty of serving processes. A little later Reynolds notes that Obama has gone God one better. “Apparrently Obama thinks you should be prosecuted for even making claims of voter fraud.” People may scoff at the existence of God, but what can you say about organizations that can raise voters from the dead? Nothing apparently, though John McCain issued a press release disagreeing.

The Associated Press reports that “Iraq’s prime minister said in remarks aired Friday that the top U.S. commander in Iraq ‘risked his position’ by alleging Iran was trying to bribe lawmakers to vote against the proposed security agreement with the United States.” Why should the bribery, if it exists, be restricted to Iraqi politicians? We know now that Saddam’s bagmen reached into the capitals of Europe. One would expect the Iranians to dispatch their cash couriers at least as far afied. Should the US match the Iranian bribes? Or would that be stooping too low?


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