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Ho ho ho

Climate changeWeather is a complex system. Just as the Sydney Morning Herald claimed that the resorts had received a coating of snow despite notice from a government agency that the skiing industry was doomed, the local news reports that

for the first time since 1836 it has snowed in Sydney – at least that’s what the locals are saying. Meteorologists say technically it was soft hail, but that didn’t stop the locals making snowmen. … Locals say the winter wonderland in the suburbs of Roseville and Lindfield looked like snow to them, and children happily built snowmen and bought out their snowboards.

Well, who knows? One of the problems with politicizing a scientific question — declaring Global Warming to be unassailable fact or unassailable bunk — is that it goes against the spirit of the scientific method. Currently accepted models should always be open to revision and refinement as new data comes in.