Facebook "No Way In" History Site

I’ve added a new “No Way In” site on Facebook. It features some pictures which accurately depict some of the scenes in book, together with the accompanying quotes.


I hope the FB page eventually becomes an oral history site. Nearly all the scenes took place in actual places. I would dearly love to pick up pictures of Sibalu Hill, the fight at Abu Bakr. Some really good pictures of the Big Smokey would be nice. The ones that available on the Internet don’t do the Smokey justice.

You may want to look at things from the book, a picture album of images which represent, among other things a “Remington Noiseless Typewriter” and the kind of morass that I remember well from places that flooded over during a typhoon.

Link to Wretchard’s novel “No Way In” print edition
Link to Wretchard’s novel “No Way In” Kindle Edition”



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