McCain Wins South Carolina: Hillary, Romney Take Nevada

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Josh Marshall, TPM: “If you’re looking forward to a Democratic White House in 2009, I don’t think this was a good night. Far better had Huck taken it.”


The Fix: Doing the math: who really got more Nevada delegates, Obama or Clinton?

The Nation: Obama did.

LA Times: Schwarzenegger ends speculation that he’ll endorse McCain – says he’ll remain neutral.

NYT: Thompson occasionally slipping into past tense in concession speech.

John Dickerson: Clinton’s win in Nevada ends on an ugly note.

Newsweek: Leading Democrats think Bill Clinton is hurting, not helping, his wife.

Marc Ambinder: “Ah, democracy at work. Hillary Clinton was the clear preference of a plurality of Nevada Democrats, but Barack Obama won more delegates — 13, to Clinton’s 12, Obama’s campaign says.”

ABC News: McCain, Huckabee Locked in Dead Heat in South Carolina

Abe Greenwald: It’s a big deal that Hillary lost the black vote in Nevada.

Instapundit: “A fairly big win for Hillary, I think — judging by how stressed she and Bill have seemed this week, they obviously thought a loss in Nevada would have been very damaging.”

CNN: Live results from South Carolina… McCain up 5 over Huckabee with 38% reporting.. Thompson squeaking past Romney for third… But FOX NEWS says still “way too close to call”

MICHAEL BARONE: Greenville County SC – John McCain ties Mike Huckabee … meaning danger for Huckabee in very conservative county


CBS News: According to entrance polls, Clinton got 64 percent support from Hispanics.

Las Vegas Sun: Clinton carries the Strip

Captain’s Quarters: “Given the strong demographics in [Hillary’s] favor, this isn’t exactly an impressive showing. Obama will get almost as many delegates, and people will question her strength, especially after South Carolina’s primary if Obama wins it as projected.”

CNN and ABC News project Clinton as winner in Nevada

Near real-time results of Nevada Dem caucuses

CNN: Low turnout reported in South Carolina

Palmetto Scoop: Voters turned away in SC

Fox News and ABC News project Romney as winner in Nevada. Rain and snow taking a toll on turnout in South Carolina

Myrtle Beach Online: Voting snafus in SC – machines break down and there aren’t enough paper ballots

WashTimes: Complaints of mob-boss-style voter intimidation in Nevada.

Rightwing Nuthouse: “I really, really wish that there was evidence that Fred Thompson would do better than I’m predicting but I can’t find any.”

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby: Dead Heat for GOP in South Carolina! – Clinton Holds Lead in Nevada

Hot Air: The surge to watch is Huckabee, especially if Fredheads abandon ship

NRO: Fred Thompson shines at the last minute – where was he till now?


AP: “Gambling and prostitution are nothing here-Michelle Obama committed the real local sin by mispronouncing the name of the state.”

WaPo: GOP race is close in SC — McCain narrowly leading over Huckabee, Thompson and Romney in race for third.

CBS: “For Nevada, Caucuses A Roll Of The Dice — State Faces Questions About Turnout, Logistics, Union Influence”

IHT: Candidates increased the volume of their rhetoric in the last-minute campaigning in Nevada and South Carolina.

Paul Starr: “The major reason I see trouble ahead for the Democrats is that voting patterns so far, as well as rumbling tensions over race and gender, suggest serious vulnerabilities in both of the Democratic front-runners that McCain (or another rival) could exploit.”

WRAL: “John Edwards and Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Barack Obama’s praise of the Republican Party and Ronald Reagan – an anathema for many Democrats, particularly union members considered crucial to winning Nevada’s Democratic caucuses Saturday.”


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