Rosett Rejects WSJ Report

“Just how deaf has the Washington press corps become? Princeton’s world famous scholar of Islam, Bernard Lewis, gave a landmark speech Wednesday at the American Enterprise Institute’s annual dinner. Warning that the 14-century-long struggle between Christianity and Islam is entering a new phase…. Lewis urged us to have a little sense of proportion, and went on to say – and it was an illuminating line – ‘The crusade was a late, limited and unsuccessful imitation of the jihad.’


“But that’s not how Wall Street Journal reporter Neil King Jr. described it. On the Journal’s Washington Wire blog site, under the absurdly misleading headline ‘Bernard Lewis Applauds the Crusades,’ King misquoted Lewis as having described the crusades as ‘a late, limited and successful imitation of the jihad.’ ”

Read the rest on Claudia Rosett’s PajamasXpress blog (Rosett herself is a longtime contributor to the WSJ).


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