Roman Genn doesn't make the "B-List"!

Genn%202r%20-Bator.jpg“Borat?” “No, Barack Obama.”
“Borat Obama?” “No. Barack Obama, the senator!” “Borat senator now?!”

Then Bator, descendant of fearsome warriors, turns his attention to the more pressing issues of his native Mongolia: Where do we get some chicks, man? At which moment Natalie Maines is pointed out to him.



Fox News’ Griff Jenkins beams upon being graced with a condescending nod by former the Mrs. Brad Pitt: “If I had another mai-tai at Trader Vic’s, I could convince myself she was interested!”


Oh, my God! Eddie Murphy smiled at me!” exclaimed Vanessa from Brisbane, Australia, reaching the pinnacle of her existence. (For the sake of accuracy, Mr. Murphy was smiling at someone else)


“Bill’s gonna come here [Sen. Clinton’s devoted husband, naturally] and the very same people are gonna be here with their checkbooks, including Arianna,” says volunteer Eva Loseth, gesturing in the direction of the inimitable TV personality/socialite/blogger.

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