Counterculture Conservatism: Pete Townshend, Self-Confessed 'Neo-Con'

via Pete Townshend’s political confession: “I’m a bit of a neocon” | Power Players – Yahoo! News.

If you ask Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey about political messages behind the The Who’s music, they’ll be quick to tell you the band steered clear of mixing politics and music. But when these rock legends sat down with ABC’s Jonathan Karl to talk about their work for teens with cancer, they didn’t shy away from talking about both politics and music.

Townshend, who described himself “a bit of a neocon” politically, said he was surprised that Mitt Romney lost the election to President Obama.

“I thought he [Romney] was throwing the money in such buckets and I thought Obama looked, looked tired,” Townshend said of the presidential election.

While Townshend said he mostly tries to stay out of politics, he thought the election’s outcome was good in the sense that it provides consistency in the midst of an economic recovery. “You need a continuum now I think,” said Townshend.




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