H.R. McMaster Doesn't Think Trump's Language on North Korea Is Too 'Inflammatory'

The National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, appeared at today’s White House press conference to discuss President Trump’s upcoming Asia trip. He was asked if Trump should be modulating his language when it comes to dealing with the Kim Jong-un regime. He replied, “I don’t think the President really modulates his language. Have you noticed him do that? He’s been very clear about it.”


But he also wanted to address the broader point, saying “I’ve been aware of the discussions about, ‘hey, is this inflammatory?'” Many critics have claimed that Trump’s hostile tweets and words, about what he might do if North Korea keeps ramping up tensions (“fire and fury”), have amplified the problem. McMaster says, “No, what’s inflammatory is the North Korean regime, and what they’re doing to threaten the world.”

And McMaster went a step further, and actually echoed Trump’s threats– “I think there would be a grave danger if that regime didn’t understand our resolve, the President’s resolve to counter North Korean aggression.”



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