Pregnant Moms Can Now Drink Alcohol

via Is it Really OK to Drink While Pregnant? | Healthy Living – Yahoo! Shine.

Drinking alcohol while pregnant is risky business. Studies have proven that a heavy dose of alcohol can bring the risk of serious birth defects. But the complicated thing about risk is that it can be a pretty vague term. Where do the limits of drinking while pregnant lie? Is there a chance it’s actually OK to enjoy your wine with a baby on board?

It turns out that yes, you can. No one has been able to determine exactly how much alcohol is considered safe or unsafe during pregnancy. As a result, the CDC advises all women to abstain from imbibing during pregnancy as a general precaution to nip any potential risks in the bud. When it comes to their baby’s health, any risk, no matter how vague, is probably one most women are simply not willing to take.

But new research shows that the window of safe alcohol consumption while pregnant might be a bit safer than necessary. The study, funded by the CDC, suggests that light drinking (1 to 4 drinks a week) and even moderate alcohol consumption (5 to 8 drinks a week) might be OK.



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