Sweet Farewell, Part II

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To My Dear and Faithful Readers:

I am moved, humbled, comforted and uplifted by your comments in response to the news of my leaving Pajamas as a regular blogger. Thank you.


This is the week in which the Stuxnet “worm” infiltrated 30,000 computers in Iran, including those which run several nuclear facilities there; the week in which the price of gold has soared; the day on which Israel has intercepted nine Jewish activists who sought to break the blockade of Gaza (truly, the blockade against arms, not anything else)–I thought we could take a short “tour” of some of my past work here, a mini-retrospective. I have arranged my choices in chronological order and hope that you find this reading refreshing, still timely.

Today, I have selected articles from 2007 and 2008. On Thursday, I will probably choose articles from 2009 and 2010.

As always, you can find me at my website www.phyllis-chesler.com


Welcome to My New Blog October 8, 2007

I want to welcome you all to my Pajamas Media XPRESS blog. I am delighted to be with you. I hope that what interests me will interest, enlighten, strengthen, inspire and delight you. Of course, some postings will also enrage and amaze you since, among many other subjects, I write about Islamic gender and religious apartheid, jihad, Islamist fundamentalism, Muslim and ex-Muslim dissenters, the new anti-Semitism, the demonization of Israel, terrorism, anti-Americanism, and Big Lie Propaganda and the way in which it has increasingly penetrated culture.

Towards a Universal Doctrine of Human Rights October 9, 2007

For years, feminists–myself included–focused on women as victims. We argued, correctly, that women were not only being discriminated against economically but were the objects of horrific psychological, sexual, and physical violence.


In North America and Europe, women are still being raped, incested, battered, trafficked, tortured, and murdered. However, after forty five years of feminist activism, such acts are increasingly viewed as crimes, and are increasingly reported and sometimes punished. Rape as a weapon of war, (think Bosnia, Rwanda, Sudan, Congo) is now seen as a crime against humanity.

My Book, “The Saudi Lobby” Still Awaits Its Publisher October 30, 2007

The lead article today in ArtsandLettersDaily is taken from the Chronicle of Higher Education. The article, written by Evan R. Goldstein, is tltled “Waltheimer on the Hot Seat,” and presents Stephen M. Walt and John J. Mearsheimer as martyrs of truth, lone critics, and near-pariahs for having dared write about the allegedly enormous influence of the Israel Lobby.

The Heroic Nonie Darwish Faces Muslim “Mean Girl” Power at Wellesley October 22, 2007

“The radical Muslims on American campuses are getting more belligerent, far more militant,” author and lecturer Nonie Darwish tells me. “They have perfected their intimidation and disruption techniques.”

Up Close and Personal: The Shunning of Israel November 30, 2007

At the recent Annapolis meeting, behind closed doors, up close and personal, the assembled Arab foreign ministers refused to shake hands with Tzipi Livni, Israel’s Foreign Minister. She asked her Arab counterparts, especially her Saudi counterpart, why they did not want to shake hands with her. “I am not plague-ridden” Livni said. According to the Dutch minister, all the Arab ministers backed away from her as if “she were Dracula’s sister.” According to Fern Sidman, an unnamed Israeli source confirmed that “the Saudis refused to shake hands and the Syrians refused to say anything nice.” (Of course, another unnamed Israeli source also told Sidman that “at least they came to the meeting”.) These details are also contained in the Washington Post and in Guysen International News.


Tzipi Livni

We Will Not Tolerate Honor Killings in the West December 17, 2007

Aqsa Parvez, the tragic sixteen year old slain by her father in an honor killing in Canada, was buried secretly and privately. Her teenage friends arrived hours too late at the Islamic Center where they had been told her funeral would take place. The kind of family and culture capable of honor murder (she and her family are all Pakistani immigrants) is also quite capable of denying her Canadian friends the opportunity of paying their last respects.


Aqsa Parvez

Jihad Comes to Dallas March 10, 2008

“I have been warned to shut up. But when Yasser Abdul Said killed those girls he did not just spill Muslim blood on American soil. He shed my blood. I am not going to be quiet. I made a promise at their funerals that I would speak out.”


Sarah and Amina Said

The New York (Islamic) Times March 27, 2008

How do we cut down on honor murders in the West? According to some people, you do whatever it takes to keep the girls from dishonoring their families so that their families do not have to honor-murder them.

According to the New York Times, “home schooling” the girls in America, re-creating a feudal, rural, parallel universe in California in which girls and women are kept hidden and apart, is the sensible, merciful alternative to honor murders in The New World.

The Hoax That Launched the Al-Aqsa Intifada May 22, 2008

The same mainstream media that ran front page photos of the Palestinian boy, Mohammed al-Dura, allegedly being murdered in his father’s arms by Israeli soldiers–are, shamefully, not running any stories about the hard-won Karsenty decision in Paris.


Mohammed al-Dura with his father

CNN Newspeak in Atlanta: Honor Killing=Cultural Misunderstanding July 9, 2008

Well, this time, the mainstream media is actually beginning to cover the honor murder in Atlanta. I do not understand why they never covered the honor murder of the Said sisters in Dallas about which I have previously written many times at this blogsite. But–in only a matter of days, CNN not only wrote about it; they also turned to an alleged expert who says that honor murders are no different than domestic violence cases world-wide.


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