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Riots over the Burqa in Paris—It’s Gaza-on-Seine All Over Again

Sheikh Yassin Members Violently Disrupt Free Speech; Terrorist Tigers Burning Brightly

Earlier today, the French debate over the Islamic Veil again turned ugly, this time in Paris. Pro-burqa supporters “violently thwarted the efforts” of a French Muslim feminist group, “Ni Putes Ni Soumises” (Neither whores nor doormats), which had planned a public debate on the subject.

More than one hundred people (feminists, Islamists, women, lawmakers) came to attend the debate in Montreuil, a suburb of Paris. The debate was “allegedly disrupted by members of Sheikh Yassin, a pro-Palestinian group, forcing the organizers to call for police intervention, as insults turned into fistfights. The rioters had already fled upon the arrival of the police.” This successful use of violence to close down an open discussion led Sihem Habchi, the President of Ni Putes Ni Soumises to say:  “I think those who had doubts before tonight’s debate understood, as they left (the meeting), the need for a law that says enough to those who exploit Islam and reduce women to silence.”

Not Doormats

Manuel Valls, a member of the French Socialist Party, which supports the ban on the burqa, was present “when the riots broke out. According to him, instead of dissuading him, the incident has only given impetus to his belief that the law should be established. ‘I feel that this case comes to try the Republic and its representatives and I for one won’t be intimidated’ he said.”

Ni Putes Ni Soumises was first formed in 2002-2003 in response to the incessant gang rapes of young Muslim girls by Muslim male gangs in the Parisian suburbs and by the brutal murder of 17-year-old Sohane Benziane, who was raped and then burned to death by her ex-boyfriend and his male schoolmates. Sohane had dared to live like a modern French teenager: She wore makeup and she had a new boyfriend. Ni Putes Ni Soumises also rejects the forced wearing of the Islamic Veil, forced early marriage, and forced illiteracy for girls and women.

"In memory of Sohane, burned alive on October 4, 2002 in Vitry-sur-Seine"

Wouldn’t you know it: French Left feminists describe Ni Putes Ni Soumises as “racist” and “Islamophobic,”—even though the founders and members of the group are themselves Muslims or ex-Muslims; even though the group seeks to assimilate, integrate, Westernize.

The barbarians are not at the gates, they are lodged within the city. In 2005, Gaza-like rioters in Paris and Marseilles burned cars and blocked traffic for days on end.  In 2006, a group, literally “The Barbarians,” kidnapped and tortured a young, Jewish Parisian North African, Ilan Halimi, for three full weeks before he died.

And now today, the Gaza-like riots shut free speech down in Paris. This is one more example of what happens when the world does not stop fascist terrorism immediately, when it is still concentrated in one geographical location. Instead, our world indulges in fantasies of appeasement and scapegoating: Let Hitler have the Sudentenland, let the Jews pay the first and ultimate price for the sake of world “peace.” But what inevitably happens is that Gaza migrates. Now, it’s Gaza-on-the-Seine. Yesterday it was Gaza-in-Mumbai, Gaza-in-Madrid, Gaza-in-London, Gaza-in-Manhattan.

Gaza is everywhere now. We have Gaza-on-campuses in both North America and Europe, and Gaza-in-the-streets on every continent in the world.

Most people do not yet understand this. They are sleepwalkers. They say: The fascists have been oppressed, let them speak, give them land, send them money, put those who try to defend themselves against fascist slander and violence on trial as “Islamophobes” and war criminals.

Fascists specialize in threats, curses, and physical blows. They do not debate their opposition. They are not polite. They do not merely use words. They roar curses, they march carrying hate propaganda, they mask their faces in keffiyas, ski-masks, or in the Islamic Veil. They violently disrupt the free speech of others and they torture and kill those with whom they disagree or whom they simply despise: Women, infidels, Muslims of other sects.

We must stop them. We cannot afford to coddle them, pretend they do not exist,  hope that they will simply disappear. The fascists are growing stronger. Russia and Turkey are now both working with an almost-nuclear Iran; Russia is also working with Syria. The White House has decided that the cost of “managing” a nuclear Iran is cheaper than confronting it; why not? We are already living with a nuclear North Korea and a nuclear Pakistan.

Thus far, the West is a Paper Tiger. A nuclear Al-Qaeda or a nuclear Muslim Brotherhood are real tigers whom we must ride sooner if not later.

I hope that Israel has the necessary ties with India well in place. This is an important alliance against all such terrorist tigers.

Update: Large protest demonstrations have been planned for Belgium, the UK, and Ireland, over any bans on the Islamic Veil.

I wish to acknowledge the excellent work of Esther who covers IslaminEurope at her blogsite.