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Censored! The Truth About Hizb ut-Tahrir

Britain’s Center for Social Cohesion Can’t Get the American Media to Pay Attention

The Center for Social Cohesion, a distinguished British think tank, has just released a major expose of the radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), which is targeting the West, “including the United States, and (which) supports violent jihad.” Britain has just suspended government support for some HT nursery and primary schools which function to indoctrinate unsuspecting Muslim children into dreaming of a global caliphate.

And yes, they veil the little, little girls at ever-younger ages. Well-meaning parents who themselves may not be religiously well-versed may believe that what this group does, represents “authentic” rather than dangerously “radical” Islam.

According to the Center, “last month, President Obama’s faith advisor, Dalia Mogahed, legitimized HT’s claims that the majority of Muslims support the group’s political vision when she spoke alongside HT’s women’s representative on a UK television programme.” My colleague, Cinammon Stillwell, wrote about this. Mogahed did say that she had no idea that a representative of HT would be on the program. This might be true, but Mogahed could have walked off the set—or spent the time challenging HT’s radical agenda.

Douglas Murray, the Center’s Director, has sent this new and alarming report to every American wire service. So far, none have picked it up. He cannot understand why—given that it has received wide and serious attention in Britain.

I myself am not surprised. An American news article for which I was interviewed, and which criticized Mogahed’s appearance (which is not what I talked about), was killed at the last minute—after which, within minutes, an interview with Mogahed appeared in US News and World Report which rebutted, glossed over, minimized and “spun” every point made in the article which never ran.

Big Brother is Watching You.

According to the CSC report, HT supports the hijacking and bombing of planes and violent jihad; their literature endorses the killing of Israelis and glorifies suicide bombings as “martyrdom operations” and as justified in “occupied” Islamic lands. Houriya Ahmed, a Research Fellow at CSC and the report’s co-author, says:

“Ideologically, HT is no different to al-Qaeda. It is a dangerous and divisive organisation that aims to implement a totalitarian dictatorship that will use violence to spread its rule. The report highlights how the group has developed a sophisticated strategy in the UK – which will be replicated in the US – to propagate its extremist beliefs amongst all levels of society.”

Hannah Stuart, a Research Fellow at the CSC and the report’s co-author, says:

“A decision about whether to ban the group strikes at the very core of what is permissible and what is not permissible in a liberal democratic society. The US government needs to send a strong message to the public regarding the incompatibility of the group’s ideology and shared democratic values. HT’s fascist ideology – which it presents as ‘true’ Islam – must be challenged and totally rejected.”

HT has just issued their own press release regarding the Center’s report. It diverts all attention from the Report’s findings by characterizing Douglas Murray as a “neo-conservative” and the Report as a “smear.” The accusation of HT’s support for a “Caliphate” is dealt with by accusing the West, especially the “neo-cons,” of “imperialism” and “colonialism.” The accusation of HT’s support for “violent jihad” is dealt with by reminding people that the West is responsible for the “mass murder of hundreds of thousand of Muslims.”

They do not condemn the violent death of Muslims who are being blown up by other Muslims. Nevertheless, HT’s own press statement ends this way:

“Despite such smears and attacks we remain committed to our efforts to work to establish the Khilafah (Caliphate) in the Muslim world, and encourage the Muslim community in Britain to preserve our Islamic values.”

Here is part of the Center’s press release:

Hizb ut-Tahrir: Ideology and Strategy, the most comprehensive study of the group’s activities in the UK to date, also reveals how the group has adopted sophisticated measures in the UK to get public platforms, funding and legitimacy from the very institutions it wishes to destroy:

• One former activist tells how HT front groups apply for local authority funding, invite local councillors to the group’s events, ‘just to make it look like HT members are role models’, and target young Muslims they think will be ‘easy to recruit’.

• Since the 7/7 London bombings, HT has adopted a formal ‘Keep your ideology in your heart’ strategy. The group uses euphemistic language to hide its support for jihad, antisemitic beliefs and totalitarian system of governance.

• HT denounces Muslim integration as a deliberate Western policy to ‘suppress Islam’. HT forbids British Muslims from voting and describes those who call for human rights and democracy as apostates. The group encourages a victim mentality within Muslim communities, presenting Muslims as the target of a Western ‘War on Islam’.”

Please ask your local news media to cover the Center’s report. Ask the mainstream media why they have chosen not to cover it. Your lives depend upon asking these questions.

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