The Violent Continuation of the Dallas Honor Murders

Yaser Abdul Said, who honor murdered his two beautiful and brilliant daughters Sarah and Amina earlier this year in Dallas, is alive and well and has been using a calling card to allegedly threaten various Christian members of his formerly Christian wife’s family. He did so as recently as three weeks ago.


When FOX-TV recently aired their excellent documentary about honor murders in America, they showed a photo of the murdered girls’ mother when she married Yaser. She was fifteen years old and Yaser was thirty. “Tissy” (Patricia) Said looked young enough to be Yaser’s daughter. She now looks old enough to be Yaser’s mother.

I can only wonder why.

But, amazingly, in Dallas, Tissy is now allegedly living with another Muslim man–this one is from Iraq. No, they are not lovers. He is her protector and/or guard. I am told that Tissy has also sometimes been seen wearing hijab and has long ago been forgiven by her father-in-law, Yaser Said’s father, whom Tissy lives near and whom she often visits.

“Forgiven?” Yes, he has forgiven her for having run away with her daughters and their Christian, so-called boyfriends who were only trying to help the girls save their own lives.

Tissy’s Muslim captor/protector has allegedly threatened to kill some Christian members of Tissy’s family. Islam, Yaser and Tissy’s son has allegedly threatened to blow up Gail Gartrell’s house.

Gail Gartrell, whom I have quoted many times, and who is Amina and Sarah’s great-aunt, believes that Tissy’s flight with the girls may have been a planned ruse since, after all, she then subsequently lured them to their deaths. She has also been profiting from their deaths. “She played the sympathy card.”


For example, the Lewisville High School students took up a collection for both Tissy and Islam to help them “start new lives.” I am told that the total sum may have amounted to $1700.00 in cash. Tissy has allegedly used that money to buy gas, clothes, and to eat out. Tissy has also rented out her previous home to tenants who have been paying the rent. Tissy however has allegedly not been using that money to pay the bank and her tenants may eventually be evicted.

According to Gail Gartrell, at least three to four Christian relatives now confirm that Tissy was neither tearful nor filled with grief at the grave site of her two daughters.

They also confirm that when they went over to help Tissy fix up her latest marital home in order to rent it out that they discovered the following:

There were holes in the walls and doors punched there by both Yaser and Islam Said in fits of rage and to terrorize the girls. Their brother Islam, broke Sarah’s desk in half with a hammer, yelling that “the whore bitch deserved what she got.” These relatives confirm that Islam’s rage is highly volatile and “at fever-pitch 95% of the time,” and continues to this day.

Tissy took possession of Amina’s two computers. One is now hidden, the other she destroyed. Again, I can only wonder why.


Stay tuned. I may write more about the history of violence in the Said family. The reason this domestic “soap opera” is important to track is that this may be the first time that anyone involved in an honor murder in America is trying to re-create the family history and publicly share the unfolding details of how the Muslim parents, siblings, and extended Muslim family (uncles, etc.) behave both before and after an honor murder has been committed.

Yes, I wrote “Muslim parents.” Gail Gartrell now believes that Tissy converted to Islam long ago and therefore does not mind “lying to infidels” or collaborating in the honor murder of her own daughters.


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