Is Saudi-style Islam a Religion of Peace?

Yesterday, I discussed the reasons behind Saudi King Abdullah’s interfaith conference in Madrid. How can we trust that the Saudi Wahabi/Salafi Muslims wish a permanent peace with infidels when they continue to teach their children to hate us?


Please read the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom report on Saudi textbooks. Here And read Ann Applebaum in the Washington Post Here.

Newly revised Saudi fourth-grade textbooks still teach children (both in the Kingdom and in Saudi funded madrassas and mosques around the world), that a Muslim cannot “love” an infidel but must instead “hate” him.

How can rational Westerners continue to delude themselves about the “peaceful” intentions of Islam, a “religion of peace?” Yes, theoretically, Islam can evolve and be interpreted in more peaceful ways but that has not yet happened. Don’t listen to me. Ask any Muslim or ex-Muslim dissident. Ask the heroic Wafa Sultan (who must live in hiding in America) or Aayan Hirsi Ali (who must live with permanent, around-the-clock security). Why would they have to hide from a religion whose practioners are “peaceful?”


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