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For years now I have maintained that the hottest and most important war is the war of ideas or rather the propaganda war unleashed by ideologues in both the East and the West. The Arab and Islamist world is canny, strategic, and clever; they are also unbelievably bold liars. (Remember the Al Dura Affaire and the alleged massacre in Jenin). The politically correct West falls for the lies and treats them as sacred political truth.

Here are some recent examples of how the West is actively and foolishly collaborating in Big Lies to its own disadvantage.

Today, the BBC has defended the “grisly beheading of a Muslim by a Christian zealot in a new drama…The beheading scene comes in an episode dealing with the excavation of medieval soldiers from the time of the Crusades…It leads to the hunt for the cross on which Jesus was crucified which the Crusaders may have brought back from the Holy Land. Also keen to find the cross are right-wing Christian fanatics who also want to use violence to drive Muslims out of Britain.”

Who created this program at the BBC? Have they lost their minds? Were Muslims living in Britain in the middle ages? Who has really been be-heading people today: Christians or Muslims? Who today is persecuting and exiling infidels (Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bahai, etc.) from allegedly Muslim lands? Why present, even as fiction–especially as fiction–the exact opposite of both historical and contemporary reality?

But there’s worse. Just the other day, the British government gave a $70,000.00 grant to a Muslim hate site ( in which suicide bombings and the beheadings of Daniel Pearl and Ken Bigley are praised. See HERE. This grant was awarded only weeks before the anniversary of the London 7/7/05 bombings by Islamists.

No doubt, the British government believes that such funding is a form of diplomacy and “sensitivity.”

But, Islamist immigrants in the West and Islamist totalitarian regimes also indulge in propaganda. The tyrannies of the Third World expend vast resources to tell Big Lies about Western democracies. Their persecution of Christians in Muslim countries is only exceeded by the brazen way in which they create “no go” areas for-Muslims-only throughout (Christian) Europe.

Two Muslim believers in “violent jihad” are now on trial in London. They had planned to create a secret Muslim state in the heart of Scotland where disgruntled Muslims who felt “oppressed” could live. See HERE. By the way: These two charmers possessed videos of beheadings of American hostages in Iraq.

Perhaps the BBC will fictionalize their story by reversing it and showing us Christians beheading Muslims in Iraq.

In addition, those countries who do not allow civil and human rights to flourish within their borders, do not hesitate to denounce and call for reform in Western countries. For example, a recent United Nations Human Rights Council recently argued that Britain should abolish its monarchy. See HERE Oddly enough, this august body has 29 members including Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Sri Lanka.

What–and no discussion of abolishing the Saudi monarchy?

According to the Telegraph, the UN report was also critical of the UK’s treatment of immigrants from Sudan.” What? No critique of the ethnic Arab Muslim genocide and gender cleansing of black African Sudanese? Well, of course not.

Finally, “Syrian representatives accused the UK of discriminating against Muslims and Iran complained about the UK’s record on tackling sexual discrimination.”

Truly, this is a Mad Hatter’s party given the savage suppression of both women and feminist activists in Iran and the nature of Muslim countries in which historically, all Jews were persecuted and ultimately forced to flee and all Christians currently remain endangered. Indeed, a few days ago, a Jordanian court annulled the marriage of a Muslim who converted to Christianity. According to the report, “Islam, Jordan’s official religion, forbids conversion to another faith.” The convert is on the run with his wife and children because another convert to Christianity had been seriously attacked in Jordan.

Quo Vadis my friends?

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