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Sex for Food, Oil for Food: Why Not? It's the United Nations

Save the Children, a civilian aid group, released a report today which confirmed that United Nations peacekeepers and civilian aid workers have continued to sexually abuse children in Ivory Coast, South Sudan, and Haiti. The UN peacekeepers, and in this instance, British charity aid workers, have been forcing children to have sex with them in return for food, water, and medicine. Brutal gang-rapes are also common.

Ironically, both Save the Children and Oxfam have discovered child rapists on their own staff but they have dismissed them. The UN has done no such thing. Although UN peacekeepers have, in the past, been accused of similar sexual assaults upon children (in Cambodia and elsewhere), their 2006, promise to both “tackle” and monitor such heartless abuse has apparently not been kept.

A spokesman for the UN Peacekeepers is quoted as saying: “The abuse of children by those who are sent to help is a significant and painful issue and one that we have begun to address. We are doing everything we can to train our civilian staff.”

Full disclosure: I worked at the UN for almost a year, from 1979-1980. Even then, the UN culture reeked of hatred: of America, the West, Israel and of the women. The sexual harassment and abuse of female staff by male staff was rampant, a given, unquestioned. Children in war zones? Easy prey for the likes of them.

While I do not know what countries of origin the peacekeepers are from, (such information is not easily available), or what their moral standards may be, I just bet that the rapists are all men. If I’m right–why not send women-only to feed the children?

My God, am I wrecking the entire feminist enterprise by suggesting that women might be less inclined to rape children? Am I engaging in man-hating? Heaven forbid. Of course, not all men are rapists; but most rapists are men. (Not all Muslims are terrorists but so many terrorists are Muslims…)

So: Why is the United States still paying dues to an institution, (the United Nations), whose leaders and employees have been exposed as morally bankrupt, shamelessly greedy, utterly ineffective, and at best, mediocre in doing good, brilliant in doing harm? And whose staff members actively engage in raping children in war zones? And why does New York City continue to host, even fete, the UN staff with their multiple wives and domestic slaves?

It is a blot on our own reputation.

Read the article HERE in today’s New York Sun.

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