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"Fitna" Is Still Live: Kudos to MyPetJawa and to Gates of Vienna

A reader just told me that LiveLeak has taken the Wilders’ film down due to serious threats. There are two other sites that are still showing the film: MyPetJawa and Gates of Vienna. I suspect that many people have already downloaded the film and have converted it into a video which they can keep running, perhaps from anonymous and safe locations.

These images are not private or secret. All are public images that many of us have seen before. Putting it all together and making sense of it is what Wilders has done for us.

I hope that as many people as possible see this film and draw the necessary and inevitable conclusions.

If these links fail, please advise me and I will try to find links that still work.

Kudos to Fausta Wertz at Fausta’sBlog, LittleGreenFootballs which I am told also has a link to the Wilders’ film and to Pamela Gellar at AtlasShrugs2000 all of which have links to the film.

These are our new Free Speech Warriors. Long may they blog!