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Saturday Night in America: What's Happening


Gail Gartrell, one of Amina and Sarah Said’s great aunts, (whom I have interviewed numerous times at this very blogsite), will be interviewed tonight by Geraldo Rivera on FOX-TV. Geraldo has agreed to display the photos and composite drawings of Yasser Abdel Said, the father who honor murderered his two daughters, on his show. Gartrell expects to be on for about five-six minutes.


Matthias Kuntzel, the author of Jihad and Jew-Hatred. Islamism, Nazism, and the Roots of 9/11 will be speaking at Cooper Union in Manhattan at 6:45pm-7pm tonight. Fred Seigel is sponsored his talk. Kuntzel will be introduced by Paul Berman.


Carol Gould’s reportage is always earthy, funny, folksy, and politically devastating. Here she is on a Holocaust related matter. Here she is in Currentviewpoint:

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Recently I have been reporting on events that pass like ships in the night — the sort of occurrences that will be missed if one blinks.

I am therefore grateful to Vivien Lichtenstein, Chair of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, for bringing to my attention a very short item by Peter McKay in ‘The Daily Mail’ of 25 February 2008. Vivien and I agree on almost nothing but we do share an understanding of Jewish aspirations in a post-Holocaust world. We can both smell an anti-Semite a mile away and this article had all the earmarks of the ‘top five’ epithets of which we have been at the receiving end since early childhood.

McKay writes about the story that dominated the news for a few days near the end of February: the Brown government’s suggestion that British schoolchildren should visit Auschwitz concentration camp, and the immediate accusation by Tory leader David Cameron that this was a Gordon Brown ‘gimmick.’ Poor David, who could not be called an anti-Semite, was roundly criticised from all corners of the Anglo-Jewish community. In fact, he redeemed himself a week later by delivering a moving speech at a Jewish charity fundraiser.

The public discourse went on for days, with the usual crop of ‘Nigel in St Mary Cray’ bloggers sending in their angry messages about our poor benighted British schoolchildren being forced to visit concentration camps but not being sent to Gaza to see the bad things being inflicted by those nasty, brutal, ruthless Jews in Israel. It is amazing the way the slightest mention of the Holocaust engenders such animosity towards Jews these days; in a separate article I have related the nightmare I endured at a National Union of Journalists meeting in London when the members, to a man, berated me about the Jews ‘nicking the land off the Arabs in 1947’ and ‘getting the Holocaust out of your system, Carol.’

And so it was on 25 February that Peter McKay of ‘the Daily Mail’ indulged in that most abhorrent of analogies: that non-Jews get the Holocaust thrust down their throats and as part of the equation are forced to support Israel.

This is how he put it: