Obama Is Our First Muslim Presidential Contender In The Same Way That Clinton Was Our First Black President

Talk Radio (The Mancow show) called last night and asked me to join them this morning to comment on the Obama-Farrakhan matter. And so I made a dutiful list of “talking points” and tried to overcome my professorial politeness in order to get a few words in edgewise on a wonderfully high-energy program. The interview will be posted in a few hours at Mancow.com and here’s some of what I said.


I believe that Obama is our first Muslim Presidential contender.

No, I am not saying that he secretly is or ever was a Muslim. Obama is a Muslim in the same way that Bill Clinton was allegedly our first Black President. He is , stylistically, a United Nations-style postmodern multi-cultural relativist and that means Obama may refuse to call barbarism by its rightful name if that barbarism is practiced by Muslims .

Also, on at least one very public occasion, there is a photograph of Obama failing (or refusing) to pledge alliegance to the American flag. When challenged on this and other questions of patriotism, Obama explained that the true American patriot is one who criticizes his country’s faults, not one who merely salutes its flag.

Obama might be the first Muslim French intellectual Presidential contender, a more politically correct and darker-skinned John Kerry or Howard Dean, and the Dreamboat of Code Pink and of the many high-profile but predominantly left-feminists who have been signing “feminist” petitions for Obama. For Obama–but not for Hillary, who may be the last women in position to run for the American Presidency for the next fifty years. I admit it: I actually dressed up to vote for Hillary in the New York primary since this was the first time in nearly fifty years that I had such an opportunity.

No, I am not saying that I will automatically vote for Hillary over McCain nor am I saying that McCain is My Guy. That is the subject for future musings. And now back to Barack.


When I characterize Obama as our first Muslim Presidential contender, I am not talking about the photo of Obama wearing a turban or the headgear of a Somali Elder. I am talking about his ties to Trinity United Church of Christ Pastor Jeremiah Wright (Obama has been a member for twenty years), and Pastor Wright’s ties to Farrakhan–who just last night bent over backward in his praise of Obama as our new Savior. Farrakhan addressed only the “black, brown, red, and yellow” people of America and of the world , not the “white” people, and compared Obama to the founder of the Nation of Islam, Fard Mohammed, whose mother was white and whose father was black–just like Obama’s parents. Farrakhan claimed that both men were “Saviours” and that Obama might be the only man who can save America.

Will Obama try to minimize this? Will he disavow it? Or will he ignore these words of praise completely?

Let me remind us that Farrakhan is a black separatist and black nationalist Muslim and the man who referred to Judaism as a “gutter religion.” And Pastor Wright shares his vision of the importance of black nationalism (packaged as black liberation theology) and has publicly honored Farrakhan. When questioned about this, Obama said that families have disagreements. Yes, Michelle Obama once wrote a thesis at Princeton which allegedly recognizes the importance of black separatism given white racist America. Do the Obamas also have family disagreements about this?


Look: Where does Obama stand on Islamic gender and religious apartheid? Is he aware that it has been penetrating the West, including America, the country he wishes to govern? Does he have a plan as to how he will deal with it? Does he stand with the Islamists or with their victims, beginning with Muslim women and Muslim intellectuals? Where does he stand on the proliferation of Muslim arranged marriages. polygamy, face-veiling, wife- and daughter-beating, and honor murders in America? And on the Islamist use of American civil rights law to safeguard Islamic gender and religious apartheid and Islamic separatism in America?

Is Obama aware of the persecution of “infidels,” beginning with Christians, in Muslim lands? Does he have a foreign policy vision that would demand reciprocity for all religions in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Iran before we allow American law to be used to construct mini-Saudi Arabias or Irans in America?

Why has no one been asking all the candidates, beginning with Our Savior Obama these questions?

Obama’s various alliances, silences, and minimizations are worrisome. In addition, Obama has chosen a foreign policy team that has been consistently pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel; many of Obama’s chosen advisors have engaged in boycotts and urged divestment in Israel as if Israel really were “apartheid” South Africa.

It is also true that recently, in Ohio, Obama did talk about the importance of Israel’s security and did recognize that she is surrounded by enormous hatred. Former American Ambasador to Israel, Dennis Ross, has said that he “saw no difference between Senator Clinto and Senator Obama on Israel policy.” However, as noted in an editorial today in the New York Sun, Obama also presumed to tell democratic Israel whom it ought to elect–and not elect, and what the parameters ought to be for a future Palestinian state. In case you are guessing, he called for “contiguous borders.”


Has he called for an end to the Kassam rockets that rain down on Israeli civilians in Sderot? And for an end to Saudi, Iranian, and Syrian support for Hamas and Hezbollah as they all seek to annihilate the only Jewish state?

Obama also wants to talk to Amadinejad who has referred to Israelis as “filthy bacteria,” has funded countless acts of murderous terrorism against Israel, and who has pledged to genocidally exterminate the Jewish state. “Talk” he said–and without pre-conditions. (Of course, Obama’s handlers are backpedaling on this one as fast as they can).

It is true: Obama is a thrilling orator. But he is vague and keeps repeating himself just as an actor might. Yes, it is thrilling that an African-American can and is finally running for the American Presidency but it is equally thrilling, or it should be, that a woman is finally a Presidential contender as well. And we, the people should not be voting for–or against– anyone because of their race or gender. Their agenda alone is what should matter.

The last time so many women cheered and swooned and orgasmically submitted themselves in large crowds to another thrilling orator took place in Germany and Austria in the 1930s and 1940s. (Lionel Chetwynd, in the current issue of The Weekly Standard, compares Obama to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada and analyzes how the wildly adored Trudeau’s practices led to the ongoing ruination of Canada).

No, I am not saying that Obama is Hitler. I am saying that people seem desperate and wish to avoid facing a grim reality and many hard choices; they would rather allow a Savior to distract them and to make promises that he either cannot keep, (no one can), or promises that, if realized, will lead to our inevitable doom.


My friend and colleague, the scholar Bat Ye’or told me that if Obama is elected, America will become dhimmified even faster than Europe.

Senator Obama: Make my day. Prove her wrong. Tell us where you stand on Islamic fundamentalism, Islamist jihad, and Islamic gender and religious apartheid


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