R.I.P Benazir: A Modest Proposal For Preventing Islamists from Killing the Rest of Us.

Yesterday, I wrote about societies choosing to jail anti-Islamist dissidents and innocent Muslim civilians who are being threatened with honor murder or with other atrocities. I asked how big the jail would have to be and whether societies could actually afford to protect the innocent from the fanatically murderous. Clearly, we can not afford to sacrifice them to a political death-cult either.


Today, Benazir Bhutto’s assassination forces me to re-frame the question. When will societies finally start jailing the assassins en masse? And those who teach and fund them to blow their opponents up, to “speak” with the sword not the pen?

Today, Benazir Bhutto’s death also forces me to remind us all that the world chose not to stop suicide killers when their targets were mainly Jews and Israelis. That method has proliferated globally. A suicide killer has now assassinated a westernized Muslim woman leader–one who, wearing a headscarf, bravely returned to Pakistan with a vision of democracy.

I have no illusions about Benazir’s feminism or moral innocence. She was far from perfect–who is?–but on her head and in her blood I must say: It is time for the West to offer asylum to those innocent Pakistani civilians who wish to flee (and make sure they are who they say they are), and then fence all Pakistan in, run a wall up to the sky, include Waziristan and the tribal lands between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Just wall them in and wait for them to turn on each other; they surely will.


Muslim-on-Muslim violence is the largest untold story in the politically correct West.

If it works with Pakistan–let’s consider continuing the wall country by country. In the end, it may actually cost less to jail the assassins than to jail their innocent prey.

To Taslima Nasreen I say: If you value your life, return to Scandinavia while you have the chance.

Benazir: Rest in Peace. May your death be a turning point, may it inspire your long-suffering people and their leaders to finally say NO! to death cult suicide killers; NO! to Islamism; NO! to despotism.


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