America’s Slow Suicide

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If America were in a hospital or prison, it would be under suicide watch for its blatant attempts at self-harm. Seclusion in a padded environment, perhaps confining of hands, and constant observation would be the obvious and necessary steps to save its life.


America is undergoing serious self-harm in all spheres of existence: ideational, scientific, populational, educational, economical, political, legal, military, and territorial. The country is rapidly headed for extinction, self-performed.

As good as any indication of future suicide is self-hate. America’s elites and governing party are convinced that America is an evil country, conceived in hate and oppression and continuing on the same path today. A July 2022 Rasmussen poll shows that the founding document and the final law of the land, the Constitution, is regarded by the supporters of the governing party as “a document rooted in racism” and as “a sexist document that given men advantages over women.”

“Sexist” and “racist” are two of most pejorative terms in contemporary America. Half of the supporters of governing party believe that the Constitution “should be mostly or completely rewritten.” The American populace has little faith in the major political and administrative organizations of the country.

It is common to see American protestors burning American flags in the street, tearing down statues of the founding fathers, and rioters attacking federal buildings and officials. The names of the Founding Fathers and later public officials, no matter how great their contributions or how politically correct their views were, have become verboten, lest they be seen to be celebrated.

Schools and colleges change names. The message is that our past is unalloyed evil, as is our present. In response, Barack Obama’s intention was “…fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” But as the transformation was not sufficiently complete for some, “burn it all down” is a plea heard at Democrat Party events such as the Black Lives Matter riots, the Antifa riots, and the abortion demonstrations.


A country can only survive if it maintains its population. Once the population is gone, the country is gone. America’s birthrate is far below sustainability (fertility rate in 2022 was on average 1.782 babies per woman, considerably short of the 2.1 replacement level). There are many reasons for this, including easy ability of birth control and abortions, the integration of women into the workforce, the cultural downgrading of motherhood, and the desire of both women and men for consequence-free sexual relations, sometimes known as “free sex.”

Women have taken to abortion with an unexpected enthusiasm. Abortion advocates now refer to abortion, which is a violent form of killing a pre-born baby, as “health care” and as an “act of love,” and proudly “shout their abortion” on social media. While the Democrat advocates of abortion claimed it would be “safe, legal, and rare,” it has frequently been unsafe, and it has never been rare, with annual abortion counts of a million more or less surgical abortions, but as many as fourteen million annually using chemical methods. The Democrat Party, born in the service of slavery and supporter of anti-black Jim Crow laws, has in recent decades made abortion a major pillar of policy, thus encouraging an American culture of death.

Not only America, but all Western countries and Western-influenced countries (except Israel) are not reproducing their populations. Many fall well below the reproduction rate. One solution they have found is immigration to provide the labor and taxes needed. In Europe, immigrants have been accepted in large numbers even though they are averse to the local culture and society, and choose to live in segregated and locally controlled communities.

In America, too, large numbers of legal immigrants have kept the population up. But, as well, a sea of illegal alien immigrants has flooded into the country through an intentionally open border, but not because of a need for them, but because the Democrat Party believes this flood is in its interests. The Democrats believe that black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) are its guaranteed political constituency, and that it can count on their votes. The Democrats also pursue the strategy of gaining control over voters through the dependency of providing welfare payments and services such as medical care, schooling, and college tuition, upon which illegal residents are particularly dependent.


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Whatever the benefits to the Democrat Party, an open border is a serious wound in America. The very policy is a violation of federal law, and the government becomes the chief scofflaw in the country, followed by the many Democrat states that have become “sanctuary” states. Also, universities have become “sanctuary” institutions, pandering to the illegal aliens. Lawlessness celebrated!

What an inspiration that must be to street criminals. And then there is the massive increase in demand for public funds for medical care, education, and welfare payments, many of which have to be covered by states and municipalities.

The badly stretched police forces are stretched even thinner by open borders. Among the illegals, as well as those who want to better their lives, there are criminals, cartel members, violent gang members, and terrorists. There are also massive flows of deadly drugs and prisoners of human trafficking still controlled by their traffickers. Federal immigration officers have their hands tied by Democrat policies, as criminals among the illegals carry on their trades, often against American citizens. Police are overwhelmed by this, and Americans, as well as illegals, suffer.

But it doesn’t end there. There has been a concerted effort under the label of “justice reform” to destroy the justice system entirely, allegedly in order to advance “social justice” and “anti-racism.” There has been a successful campaign to defund and disband the police, leaving most jurisdictions underserved. Funding by activist donors has successfully elected public prosecutors who resist prosecuting criminals. Prisons have been made to free many prisoners long before their sentences are completed. The alleged justification for all of this is that criminals are the oppressed of society, and their victims are “privileged” oppressors. Also that African-Americans are targeted and victimized by the legal system (a claim clearly refuted by crime and justice statistics). The result of all this is that American cities are war zones, with armed criminals victimizing the civilian population. Violent, lawless disorder everywhere.


Nowhere is the decay of America as evident as in its schools. Once institutions taught children readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmatic. Schools are now teaching tiny children sex, gender, and transgression, and are grooming them to join the gay and trans communities, and even to switch sides or shift on the gender continuum. Beyond this, kids are introduced to race categorization, segregation, and activism. Pupils learn which races are good and which are bad, which are “privileged” (like Anne Frank) and which are oppressed (like Barak Obama). They learn that
America was founded to advance slavery of blacks, the Constitution written to protect slavery, and that throughout its history America was, and even today is, “systemically racist.” So it is wrong to be patriotic toward an evil country, but you can in good conscience swear allegiance to the queer and trans rainbow flag or the Black Lives Matter flag. Self-hate from the bottom up.

Nature recognizes only two sexes (and hydras, which bud off to make babies). Biology, which is the study of life, follows along, because it has no choice. But the sex and gender identity agenda that rejects the sex binary insists that biology is no longer valid or relevant to American life. Nor is science, really. After all, science, logic, lineal thinking, concern for evidence, promptness, courtesy, the search for correct answers, validity — all of these are symptoms of evil “whiteness” and must be rejected by all in order for “anti-racism” and “social justice” to triumph. With the pillars of science, logic, and validity lost to America, how long will the house stand?

Now that anyone allegedly can become whatever they say they are, and sex is (allegedly) a continuum, the model biblical family is no more. Of the 130 million American households, only 17.8 percent feature married parents. However, the majority of children, 70 percent, live with two parents, while 30 percent live with one parent or other relatives. There is great variation among ethnic groups. The upshot is the decline of parenting and of the American family, with a consequent decline in educational success and an increase in youth pregnancy, drugs, homelessness, crime, and incarceration. The cancelation of the family has been a longtime goal of the Marxist left because leaving individuals without resources and at the mercy of the state fits right into their plans. In the meanwhile, weak families are associated with a variety of social pathologies — homelessness, joblessness, drug addiction, and criminality—that make life worse for everyone.


The once proud American military, dedicated to keeping the country safe from its enemies, has now transitioned to advancing “social justice.” The Biden Administration and its military leadership have decided that the greatest threat to the country are the internal terrorists who champion white supremacism, and have dedicated their efforts to hunting out and eradicating this scourge in the military ranks. Forget “This We’ll Defend” and “Semper Fidelis,” the motto of the new woke military is “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” As for those macho men who walked into fire and won wars for America, they are canceled in favor of females, gays, and trans. Next time we will shame the enemy with our virtue.

Runaway inflation has resulted from government printing and spending masses of phony dollars at the same time that it shut down critical industries, especially fuel, thus restricting the goods available. Governments, such as the Obama and Biden administrations, driven by utopian ideologies such as “social justice” and “the green new deal” lose touch with the very complex reality in which we live. This leads us to where we are, well described in the famous Army expression SNAFU (situation normal, all f-cked up). We have been led to search for “domestic terrorists” among parents at school board meetings, and for oil supply, not in our rich domestic sources, but in the most despotic countries in the world. Is it any wonder that only 18% of the public says that the country is going in the right direction (and who on earth are those 18%?)?

“United we stand, divided we fall” is an historical saying that has often been repeated in America. For example, it is found on the Missouri state flag and is the state motto of Kentucky. To the degree it is true, America, divided more or less evenly between conservatives and moderates, on the one hand, and progressives and socialists, on the other, is headed for a fall. Progressives hate America because it is anti-black racist; conservatives hate that progressives have imposed woke anti-white racism. Progressives are advocates of socialist internationalism; conservatives are patriotic, putting America first. Progressives are secular atheists and hate Christians; conservatives are religious and hate secular atheists. Progressives love equality and wish to impose it even where it does not exist; conservatives love freedom and would leave most decisions to individuals. Progressives are sympathetic to and aid criminals; conservatives are sympathetic to victims of crime. Progressives love and encourage all varieties of sexuality and wish to teach them to children; conservatives prefer the biblical family. Progressives want open borders to the world; conservatives want secure borders. Progressives want uniform government schools; conservatives want school choice.


America is fragmented, rent by enmity. There is great hate between progressives and conservatives. But the world is not patient. America’s enemies are planning and stalking. They are building up while America is fragmenting. The threat, especially from China, is real and dangerous. Does America have the awareness and fortitude to hold together and hold its place?


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