Here's What You'll Pay Over Two Years for Every iPhone with Every Major Carrier

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A San Diego-based search engine, WhistleOut, that compares cell phone plans in the United States and other countries, just released an analysis of the carriers offering the new iPhones, two of which go on sale Friday.


They looked at the cost of unlimited data with every current iPhone model for a two-year period.

Apple offers iPhone models ranging from the budget SE to the newest iPhone X. Depending on which model and carrier you pick, your two-year cost can vary by $2428 among all the carriers and $1,639 among the major carriers. The study found that Sprint was the cheapest and AT&T was the most expensive.

For example, buying the new iPhone 8 outright with 64GB memory and using it with Virgin Cellular costs $1300 over two years, compared to $2720 from AT&T. But AT&T allows you to purchase the phone using payments over the two-year plan.

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The key here is that Apple iPhones haven’t changed very much over the past three iterations, from the 6S to the 8, and you can save a bundle by not buying the most recent model. And all models will run their latest iOS11. While Apple emphasizes the differences in processor speed, most of the waiting we experience is network related and not the processor.


The plans WhistleOut used in their analysis were ‘full speed’ unlimited data plans from each carrier, excluding taxes and fees and including autopay discounts.

You can check out all of the prices for a variety of the plans in the graph above and by using WhistleOuts comparison tool at their website.





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